Powher Fat Burner Review 2020 – Is It Really Effective?

Powher Fat Burner Review

Many fat burners on the market today are loaded with stimulants dosed in high amounts. While that okay for the typical male over 200 lbs looking to lose weight, it may be too much for the average female.

So, what is a woman to do when looking at fat burner supplements? Should they stick with the regular ones and deal with the side effects of a high dose of stimulants.

That doesn’t seem like a good idea!

That is why the demand for female-based fat burners has risen. Powher fat burner is one such supplement explicitly aimed at women who are looking to lose fat.

However, that doesn’t automatically mean that Powher is the best choice for women looking to burn fat. It still needs to stack up well against the competition and provide the user benefits beyond a regular diet and exercise program.

In this review, we are going to analyze this product meticulously and find out whether it’s the right choice for your fat loss efforts!

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How Does Powher Fat Burner Work?

The Powher fat burner supplement works by combining a few simple, yet active, ingredients that are clinically proven to boost fat loss efforts.

It doesn’t contain novel ingredients for the sake of marketing and hype. It contains tried and tested ingredients like Glucomannan and Caffeine.

Powher works to boost your daily metabolic rate and also block the absorption of some of your carbohydrate and fat intake, tackling fat loss from two different angles.

It also works by regulating glucose metabolism and improving insulin sensitivity. This doesn’t automatically boost fat loss, but it plays its part.

Simply taking Powher 3 times a day, with meals, will help your calorie deficit diet. If you aren’t following a proper nutritional plan, Powher fat burner will do little in terms of fat loss, just like any other fat burner.

It’s doesn’t magically get the job done. Instead, it provides a more natural path to lasting fat loss.

Powher Fat Burner Ingredients

Many fat burners contain 10-20 ingredients. It’s like the supplement company throws everything at the wall, hoping something sticks.

Instead, Powher isn’t loaded with ingredients to make the label look more appealing. Instead, it focuses on the basics that are proven to work.

Here are the ingredients found in the Powher fat burner:

  • Magnesium (100mg) – Modern, advanced countries still have a high percentage of their populations with micronutrient deficiencies. Magnesium is the 2nd most common deficiency, behind only Vitamin D. A lack of optimal Magnesium levels leads to reduced glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, which can hinder fat loss efforts (1).
  • Selenium (164mg) – A micronutrient that can behave as an insulin-mimetic. This means it can aid in glucose uptake be driving more glucose to be converted to glycogen for your muscles instead of fat cells to be stored (2).
  • Chromium Picolinate (120mg) – Chromium is another ingredient touted as a fat loss aid for its role in glucose metabolism and improving insulin sensitivity. However, studies have shown that these effects don’t lead to more fat loss. However, studies have shown Chromium to be effective as an appetite suppressant and aid in reducing binge eating (3) (4).
  • Iron (18mg) – Women tend to be at a higher risk for an iron deficiency, which can cause fatigue. If you have chronic fatigue, your efforts towards increasing your physical activity could be lessened, meaning reduced fat loss. Iron is included in Powher as more of a prophylactic than anything else.
  • Konjac Root/Glucomannan (3g) – This is a soluble dietary fiber with the ability to bond to ingested carbohydrates and fats, effectively lowering total calorie intake of the meal it is taken with. This has lead to increased weight loss in controlled studies (5).
  • Choline Bitartrate (90mg) – When in a significant calorie deficit, cognition can be lowered due to the lack of energy. Choline can boost cognition, helping to improve your quality of life during your fat loss efforts (6).
  • Caffeine (100mg) – Caffeine has many pathways of boosting fat loss: improving anaerobic exercise performance, increased aerobic exercise capacity, increased fat oxidation, ability to increase exercise volume, increased metabolic rate, and decreased overall fatigue. All of this is seen with a daily dose of 4-6mg/kg or 1.8-2.7mg/lb of total body weight. This means the 100mg dose found in Powher is underdosed compared to doses used in the majority of studies. Also, Caffeine effects on fat loss are not long term, meaning cycling Caffeine intake is the best idea to boost fat loss optimally (7).

The ingredient profile of Powher shows promise for those who combine it with a proper nutritional program. Also, regular exercises will help boost the effects of many of the ingredients as well.

Powher Fat Burner Ingredients

Any side effects?

Powher users shouldn’t run into many side effects. The ingredients are natural and safe, so users only face a few risks.

Glucomannan gels up quickly when exposed to water, so it does cause a choking hazard if you can’t swallow capsules and need to break them open and mix with water. However, just sticking with the tablets will remove the risk entirely.

Glucomannan can also cause digestive stress in users who aren’t accustomed to it.

It’s best to start slow with your dosing to see how you adjust. Ensuring that you take each dose with a meal is the best way to reduce any digestion problems.

Lastly, Glucomannan doesn’t bond with carbohydrates and fats to stop their absorption. It can also do this with medications and other supplements.

Don’t take any medication at the same time as you take Powher, as it can reduce the absorbed dose. Unfortunately, Glucomannan may also bind to the other ingredients found in Powher, effectively lowering their dosage as well.

Caffeine can cause nervousness, irritability, restlessness, and anxiety, but these effects are usually only seen at higher doses. The dose found in Powher is much lower than many other fat burners, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Usage & Dosage

Powher fat burner requires the user to take six capsules per day. These should not be taken all at once.

These six capsules should be split up evenly and taken right before your three largest meals of the day.

Because Powher contains Caffeine, you may want to avoid taking it within 4-5 hours of going to sleep. Simply adjusting your dosing to earlier in the day will work just fine.

Typically, users have to watch their overall Caffeine intake when taking a fat burner to avoid taking too much.

However, as we discussed earlier, Powher contains a lower-than-optimal dosage for Caffeine, so users are welcome to continue to drink their daily coffee or tea, and perhaps even supplement with more Caffeine to maximize fat loss potential.


 Powher contains scientifically validated ingredients that are shown to boost fat loss efforts.
All ingredients found in Powher are natural and safe for the majority of users
The makers of Powher offer a 90-day money-back guarantee
The ingredients aren’t hiding in a proprietary blend
 Powher is produced in a GMP certified, FDA registered facility, which shows the reputable nature of the company overall
Powher doesn’t pose problems when stacking other fat loss-boosting ingredients, like Green Tea, 5 HTP, or Capsaicin
Powher isn’t dosed high in stimulants, like many other fat burners


Powher is a bit on the pricey side when compared to other fat burners
The Caffeine dosage in Powher isn’t optimal for maximum fat loss, even for women
Glucomannan may bind to other ingredients and lower the amount that is used by the body

Where can you buy Powher fat burner?

Powher Fat Burner Offers

You won’t be finding Powher fat burner at your local supplement store or online stores like Amazon.

Powher fat burner is only sold on the supplement’s official website. One bottle will cost you $65, which is a bit higher than the average for a fat burner.

However, you can save money by purchasing the Ultimate Powher Cut Pack, which is four bottles for only $195 and boasts free shipping around the world. This reduces the cost per bottle to about $49, which is a much more reasonable price for a fat burner.

Losing weight takes time overall, so it’s best to invest in the four bottle supply to save money and be prepared for your journey.

In addition to the price savings, you will also be qualified to take advantage of the 90-day money-back guarantee, since you will already have more than enough supply on hand.

If you only purchase one bottle and decide you like it, you will be angry at the fact that you already paid more for your first bottle and have to reorder more.

Is it a good value for the money?

Like we just mentioned, Powher is a little more expensive than the typical fat burner. However, many of the lower-priced fat burners contain only a few ingredients, many of them being ineffective.

For example, you might find a $20 fat burner, but it might only contain Raspberry Ketones and Hoodia, which have both been effectively debunked as useful fat burners.

Powher contains ingredients proven to work. It also offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results after 90 days of continuous use.

It’s simple, Powher will help your fat loss efforts if you diet right and exercise regularly. You can’t say that about all other fat burners.

That means that Powher is a good value and a supplement you should consider when you are looking to lose fat.

Does it actually work?

Like any other fat burner supplement, Powher fat burner will not work if you don’t put effort into maintaining a calorie deficit and regularly exercising.

However, if you ensure that you stay in a caloric deficit diet and hit the gym a few times every week, Powher can boost fat loss.

The one problem is the low dose of Caffeine found in Powher. It simply isn’t high enough to provide all of the fat-loss benefits found with the right dosage.

The great thing about Powher is a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results. While the science behind the product is excellent, you may find that you don’t respond well to the ingredients.

In that case, you can use it for 90 days to thoroughly test it out, and if you don’t see results, utilize the money-back guarantee. It’s risk-free!

Powher Fat Burner Testimonial


Is Powher fat burner safe?

Powher contains ingredients that have been studied multiple times and prove to be safe for the majority of users. It isn’t dosed high in stimulants and doesn’t include any novel ingredients that lack a safety profile.

Instead, it focuses on highly-tested ingredients that have been shown to boost results without negatively affecting your health.

If you stick to the dosing protocol and you shouldn’t have any issues!

The only thing to keep in mind is that Glucomannan can bind to medications, rendering them indigestible. Missing out on the right dose of your medication can be detrimental to your health.

Avoid taking medications when you take Powher, and you have nothing to worry about.

Does the Powher fat burner stack well with other supplements?

Since the Caffeine dosage in the Powher fat burner isn’t optimal, it’s encouraged to stack with other supplements.

The first choice is the Powher pre-workout, which also provides 100mg of Caffeine. This doubles your dosage of Caffeine when combined, which will aid fat loss efforts better.

The same company designs the Powher pre-workout as a pre-workout aimed specifically at women to help boost exercise performance. Both supplements are designed to work synergistically.

Other than the pre-workout, you can add in other fat loss-boosting compounds that are proven effective, like 5 HTP, Green Tea Extract, and Capsaicin. While these aren’t necessary, they are cost-effective and will improve your results even more.

A good idea is to start with the Powher fat burner alone for one money. The next month, you may add in the Powher pre-workout. In the third month, you may add in the auxiliary ingredients.

This set up will ensure you continue to increase the chances of fat loss when combined with a sensible diet and exercise program.

Will Powher help me lose weight without changing my dietary habits?

No fat burner is magic. However, Powher does contain Glucomannan, which can lower daily calorie intake without actually changing your eating habits.

For example, if you are eating at maintenance calories every day currently, meaning you are neither gaining or losing weight, Glucomannan can put you in a calorie deficit with the same diet.

This is because it binds to carbohydrates and fats and makes them indigestible, removing the potential calorie load you would have received from them.

While this sounds magical, it still won’t help you lose significant amounts of body fat without a proper diet. It just helps reduce calorie intake a little bit every day, leading to a higher deficit over time.

How can I optimize my daily doses of Powher?

Glucomannan is best taken before your largest meals that contain both carbohydrates and fats. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are great choices to use Powher.

However, since Powher also contains Caffeine, you probably want to avoid dosing within 4-5 hours of bedtime. Instead, you can shift your Dinner dosage to a snack earlier in the day.

Remember, Glucomannan can reduce the efficacy of medications, micronutrients, and other supplements because it can also bind to those compounds and make them indigestible.

For this reason, it’s best to take all medications, multivitamins, and supplements away from your Powher dosage.

Taking them around Dinner would be optimal since you are already avoiding Powher at that time because of the Caffeine content.

Our verdict

The Powher fat burner designed for women will do the job if you are putting in the effort necessary.

Get on a diet that creates a healthy calorie deficit and follow a workout plan that gets you in the gym a few times a week and that you enjoy.

You can boost your results by combing the Powher fat burner with other complementary supplements, like the Powher pre-workout. You can also add additional ingredients to promote fat loss if you choose to do so.

However, the Powher fat burner alone will provide excellent results. Even if it doesn’t, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see results.

Most likely, you won’t need that money-back guarantee!

If you can diet and exercise and combine your efforts with Powher, your fat loss goals can be realized. It’s not a magic bullet, but it sure does the trick of enhancing fat loss!

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