TestoFuel Review 2019: Is It Only for Bodybuilders?

TestoFuel Review

If you are landing on this page, we can safely assume that you are looking to find more information about TestoFuel, one of the leading testosterone booster products in the market.

As our team have discovered, the supplement industry is enormous, with many different brands on offer, and as such needs careful consideration and proper research before you decide to purchase a product.

Although to be fair, one can say that about pretty much everything out there. The problem is that some make outlandish claims, yet there is only so much a testosterone booster can achieve.

The intended user of a testosterone booster is a man of the age of 30 and more, as this is when we start to lose some of the testosterone that is naturally produced in the body.

It happens to us all, and if you can recover some of the lost testosterone – or, as we explain during the review, free up some that are within your system but cannot be used – then you should feel alive, energetic and revitalize your libido.

A good testosterone booster includes a set of ingredients that may be familiar – zinc, magnesium, select vitamins among them – and that are proven to help restore testosterone levels. So, we researched the market and have come across a product we think worthy of review.

Without further ado, here is our team’s review on one of the most popular testosterone booster supplements, TestoFuel.

TestoFuel Website

What TestoFuel Does, How it Works, and What’s In It

Before we have a detailed look at the ingredients found in TestoFuel, let’s see what the makers claim it will do:

  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Help build muscle mass
  • Raise energy levels
  • Improve general mood
  • Boost self-esteem

It should be said that these – along with improved sex drive and performance – are very much the standard claims for testosterone boosting products, and with good reason; this is what you are looking for in such a product!

Let’s chat about how it works, and what each of the ingredients is intended to add to the package.

How TestoFuel Works

Testosterone is a vital hormone – it is known as the ‘male hormone’ as opposed to estrogen, which is the ‘female hormone’ – in the body.

TestoFuel is a concoction of carefully chosen ingredients that are designed to stimulate testosterone production in men who are over 30, or who have low testosterone levels. It does not contain the actual testosterone; it works by encouraging your body to produce more testosterone.

More testosterone your body produces means more growth, larger muscles, more energy, and faster recovery, as well as a whole host of other effects that are vital for bodybuilders.

Some ingredients – as we shall see – also reduce levels of estrogen, as the two hormones operate on a ‘see-saw’ basis, in which less of one means more of the other. Let’s talk now about the ingredients in more detail.

TestoFuel Ingredients in Detail

TestoFuel Ingredients
TestoFuel Ingredients

The TestoFuel ingredients include some of the must-have substances for testosterone boosting, as well as a few unique and interesting choices, so here is each one in detail.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

One of the most important of all ingredients in a product such as this, DAA is an amino acid that regulates testosterone production and aids muscle strength.

DAA tells the brain to release luteinizing hormone (LH); which is released from the pituitary gland and is responsible for getting the testes to produce more testosterone.

There have been many tests relating to DAA and its effects on testosterone production.

In one that is quoted by the manufacturers, a group of males was subjected to DAA supplements for 90 days. Testosterone levels increased by 30% to 60%, and they also experienced an increased sperm count, by as much as 100% [1].

In one serving of TestoFuel, there is 2300mg of DAA, making this vital ingredient the most prevalent of all in the supplement.

Vitamin D

The ‘sunshine vitamin – so called because it is generated by our exposure to sunlight – is another essential element in TestoFuel, and in many other testosterone boosting supplements.

The major problem with Vitamin D levels is that we often do not get enough exposure to sunlight.

Even in areas with plenty of available sunlight, we tend to spend long periods indoors, thanks to long working hours, so it is often the case that additional Vitamin D intake is needed.

It has been clinically proven over many trials that vitamin D boosts testosterone levels; one such test is quoted, stating that 3,332 IU of the vitamin increased levels by a significant amount [2].

Also known is that it helps build muscle mass, increases overall strength, and is also suitable for bones. It is one of the elements that are also useful for increasing endurance and cognitive performance, so is widely used in bodybuilding supplements too.

If there is one substance that is the very best at inducing testosterone boosting naturally, vitamin D has to be it, hence its presence in 5000 IU in TestoFuel.

Oyster Extract

Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac, and are also rich in zinc. Zinc is essential to the production of testosterone, as the prostate gland requires more zinc that is needed by any other cells in the human body.

This is an ingredient not found in all testosterone boosting supplements, yet it is one that makes a lot of sense. Oyster is the best provider of zinc among all foods, and given the properties that zinc has, it is no surprise that oyster will boost the libido.

Numerous tests have also shown that zinc inspires the production of testosterone and also inhibits the production of estrogen [3].

As we mentioned earlier, lower estrogen means higher testosterone, so oyster is here to do the trick. Although only present as 100mg in a full dose, the power of oyster extract is considerable, hence it is one of the main ingredients in TestoFuel.


Many supplements draw ingredients from traditional medicines of the East, and ginseng is one of the most widely used substances of all.

Used in a variety of supplements for different reasons, Ginseng is a very potent ingredient that belongs in TestoFuel. Ginseng is known to boost the mood and improve cognitive ability and has been used in Chinese medicine for a long time as a libido booster.

Ginseng is also here to boost the production of LH, which we know from earlier boosts the testosterone production levels [4].

Other benefits of Ginseng include influencing the production of nitric acid, which improves blood flow and helps with muscle strength, and also helps with weight loss and general health [5].

It is present in TestoFuel as 100mg per dose.


A widely used herb in a variety of cuisines, fenugreek is another substance that is used in Asian cuisine and medicine. It is also rich in zinc, plus magnesium and selenium, and has one particular ability that is of interest here.

Fenugreek is known to inhibit the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG); this is a protein that naturally takes up much of the testosterone in the body.

Earlier on, we mentioned that there is testosterone that cannot be used – this is the testosterone ‘stolen’ by SHBG. As fenugreek inhibits SHBG, so it frees the testosterone that would have been blocked by the protein, so you have more in your system to work with.

One dose of TestoFuel includes 100mg of fenugreek, which is enough for efficient inhibition of the SHBG [6].


An essential mineral in the body, magnesium performs many functions involving the brain, bones and other areas of the human body.

It is important because it helps the muscles do their job, combats fatigue, and is also a testosterone booster [7].

For active people, the likelihood is you are short on magnesium. Most people will only get around 70% of the magnesium they should be taking into the body [8].

It is available in many foods, but in TestoFuel, it is present in 200mg, which is half the daily recommended dose for an average male.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is best described as an ‘all-rounder’; it is beneficial to general well-being as well as being directly involved in boosting the health of skin, hair and the liver, and it also helps with the oxygenation of the blood.

Vitamin B6 has also been shown to boost testosterone by way of stimulating specific receptors within the body, and also reduces the levels of estrogen in the body [9].

As we know, lower estrogen levels mean higher testosterone levels, which is what we are looking for with TestoFuel. Research has proven that low levels of vitamin B6 can cause testosterone levels to drop [10], so it is present in one dose of TestoFuel as 5mg.

Vitamin K2

This is an interesting vitamin that is widely found in red meat, in liver and in egg yolks, all of which are excellent foods for testosterone building, but are also rich in fat.

That’s why it is best taken as – or as part of – a supplement, hence why you find it in TestoFuel.

K2 works on two levels; it has been shown to work alongside vitamin D3 to increase the production of testosterone from the testes [11]; it also does so on its own, so you have a double action boosting ingredient in one form.

The manufacturers quote one example of research in which a 5-week supplement of K2 resulted in as much as 70% extra testosterone in the body [12].

It is present in TestoFuel as a tiny dose of 18mcg, which is enough to have the desired effect.


The final ingredient present in TestoFuel is one we have mentioned before; zinc is present in the oyster extract and also in fenugreek, and is present on its own at a level of 10mg per dose, which is 67% of the daily requirement.

It should be noted that the body can not retain zinc; this is why it is present in relatively high dosage. As has already been mentioned, zinc is vital in giving LH a boost, which is the hormone that requests added testosterone production [13].

It is also another element that reduces the estrogen levels, thus making space for more testosterone [14].

That’s the list of ingredients that make up the TestoFuel testosterone booster supplement, and as you will have noticed, each one is a natural product. There is nothing synthesized, and they have all been clinically tested for the benefit to testosterone production.

Read more about their Ingredients here:


So, why choose TestoFuel over other such products. What makes TestoFuel different?

What Makes TestoFuel Different?

It’s fair to say that most of the ingredients found in TestoFuel will also be present in other testosterone boosters, simply because of the effect they have. We do appreciate that the makers have been very open with their ingredients, and that – unlike some on the market – the list of ingredients is entirely of natural substances.

What does make it different to most is the use of Oyster Extract.

There is no foodstuff more rich in zinc than an oyster, and zinc is one of the most important of all the elements that induce testosterone production. The downside of that is TestoFuel isn’t suitable for vegans. Also, some other similar products focus on the libido restoring side of things.

TestoFuel admits to being aimed more at those using testosterone building to boost muscle strength and that area of fitness.

TestoFuel for Muscle Building

Are There Any Side Effects?

As the makers have been meticulous to use only natural products when creating TestoFuel, there should be no side-effects from taking the product.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients – all are listed above – then it may be a problem, but that is very unlikely.

What you must do is stick to the dosage advised by the makers, and talk to a medical professional if you are on any medication or suffer from a known illness.

Put simply, TestoFuel should be safe to use if done so correctly.

How to Take TestoFuel

TestoFuel is taken in tablet form, with one capsule being consumed four times each day. It is also recommended you take it with food.

To get the most benefit from TestoFuel’s ingredients, the manufacturers suggest that you should take it daily for two months

Is TestoFuel Actually Working?

Each body is different, therefore, each body’s metabolism works and reacts differently to different ingredients. So it all depends on your health and fitness goals – where you are now and what you are trying to achieve.

Certain testosterone booster supplements work for certain people of a certain age. But is it just luck or chance? How can we be confident that TestoFuel will also work for you?

We certainly can’t make you buy TestoFuel or guarantee that it will work for everyone, but if you want to know the best way to shed a few pounds while building muscle at the same time, TestoFuel could be your best friend.

You just need to decide if dropping those pounds and building some muscle is something you really want!

What we know from our research is that some TestoFuel customers feel the benefits of taking it. Check out their before and after pictures from the TestoFuel’s testimonial page.

TestoFuel Before and After - Ian Johnson Testimonial
TestoFuel Before and After - Fredrick Hood

Where To Buy TestoFuel

As with many similar products, TestoFuel is only available by mail order from the manufacturer website and is not available in any high street shops. There are no plans as yet to make it more widely available – the maker doesn’t intend to sell the product on Amazon either.

TestoFuel comes as a bottle of 120 pills, so with four to be taken per day, that means you have one month’s worth of TestoFuel with a standard order.

You can buy as a single box, or you can buy two boxes but with no discount. But, there is also a third option.

We recommend that you order the three-pack option. With this deal, for the price of three boxes of 120 pills, you also get another free box – that’s 4 for the price of 3plus two workout guides and free shipping to your door.


TestoFuel - The Best Deal

Payment is by a variety of credit and debit card options plus Amazon Pay or PayPal, and all via a safe and secure shopping portal.

Price/bottle: $65/€45.00/£39 – enough for a 1-month supply

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Pros & Cons

Before we give you our final word on the TestoFuel Testosterone Booster supplement, here’s a quick recap of the pros and cons of the product:

Clinically tested natural ingredients
Includes three sources of zinc
Oyster Extract is a good choice
No caffeine or stimulants
90-day money back guarantee
Good discount available
Worldwide shipment
Great testimonials

Only available from the maker’s website
Not suitable for vegans

As you can see, the pros of TestoFuel far outweighs the cons. These are also just a few of the positives that have been mentioned by satisfied users in testimonials available at the TestoFuel website.


Who Is TestoFuel For?
TestoFuel is designed for anyone from aged 18+ who is looking to increase or sustain lean body mass (muscle).  It is specifically designed for bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to speed up their gains in the gym in the most natural and safest way possible.
Does TestoFuel Contain Any Stimulants? Will It Keep Me Awake at Night?
No. TestoFuel doesn’t contain any caffeine or other stimulants.
Will I Pass a Drug's Test After Taking TestoFuel?
Of course. TestoFuel contains amino acids, plant extract, vitamins and minerals – it does not contain any illegal or banned substances.
Do I Need to Cycle TestoFuel?
No. It has been specifically formulated to be taken on a daily basis, continually.
Can Women Take TestoFuel?
Certainly. This is a supplement designed to push your natural testosterone levels to its max – a safe amount of testosterone that your body can produce and handle.

The Final Word

TestoFuel Review 2 bottles

As mentioned in our introduction, there are many different testosterone boosting products on the market, some of which make truly outrageous claims. One of the things we liked about TestoFuel is that it makes only sensible – rather than sensational – claims as to how the user will benefit.

In short, the makers say it will boost testosterone levels and help with muscle building, and may also enhance libido. This is, of course, precisely what it does. We like the ingredient list in Testofuel as it includes many of the vital, commonplace substances you will find in similar products.

It adds a unique element in Oyster Extract, which is rich in zinc. If TestoFuel has a unique selling point, the presence of Oyster Extract could be the one. The fact that it is only available to mail order will not appeal to everyone, although it does seem to be standard with quality products of this type.

If we have one word of warning, it’s this: TestoFuel is not a cheap product. It is a premium supplement made from carefully selected ingredients that are proven to do a job. For the best – and we reckon this is among them – you need to pay.

Our advice is to go for the three-pack package deal, as you get a free one-month supply, alongside no shipping cost. TestoFuel is a good testosterone booster that includes all the right ingredients, is entirely natural and caffeine and stimulant free, and has many satisfied customers who testify to its effectiveness.

Find out more about TestoFuel by clicking the button below:

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TestoFuel Review 2019: Is It Only for Bodybuilders?

Our team investigate to see if the hype on TestoFuel is justified. Read on if you are looking to find out more about one of the leading t-booster products in the market!

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