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Best Road Bikes Under £1,000: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Road Bikes Under £1000

Now that summer is in full flow, some of you may have fitness goals that involve riding your bike a few more hours or a week or beginning to ride a bike.

Whether you want to start riding or get in the habit of riding more, a new bike can help you reach your fitness goals or spend more leisure time outdoors.

For those on a budget of £1,000 or less, there are many options available. However, you want to make sure that you think about your own needs, your intended function of the bike, and what you are looking for in a bike. Answering these questions can help you find the bike best suited for you.

This buyer’s guide will help you navigate some of the best road bikes at or under £1,000. We will give you some of the best features, some of their downsides, and whether or not it may suit your needs.

The Best Road Bikes Under £1,000 Currently On the Market

Without further ado, here’s our updated, curated list of some of the best road bikes under £1,000 on the internet.

1. TRIBAN RC 500 Disc Road Bike 

Triban RC 500 Road Bike <strong>Shop Triban RC 500</strong>

Mid-sized with medium weight
Solid frame
Comfortable design
Suitable for commuting and regular use
Not ideal for extreme or competitive cyclists
Alloy frame may mean less durable

The Triban RC 500, which comes in both a brilliant turquoise and sleek carbon grey, is a great option for those who want a road bike they can regularly use to commute to work or ride at their leisure

Its medium frame and aluminum material put its weight in the midsized category at 10.6 kilograms. The gentle slope of the design, foam handlebar tape, and the hammock saddle/seat design are aimed to make the bike more comfortable.

Meanwhile, the lateral rigidity alongside the filtering of vibrations at the front of the bike allows for a smoother ride. This bike is fitted with front and rear disc brakes with anti-compression hosing.

Is it a bike for me?

This bike is excellent for those just looking for commuting purposes and regular leisure.

It is not designed for significantly longer trips or strenuous riding. For a casual rider and commuter, this bike would fit your needs.

If you would like to carry groceries or set your dog in a basket while you ride casually, this bike would not work for your needs.

Mind you; you could still probably fit a bottle of wine in the water bottle holder, so all is not lost.

Price: £529.99

Best Place to Buy

<strong>Shop Triban RC 500</strong>

at Decathlon

2. Wilier GTR Team 105 Road Bike 

Wilier GTR Team 105 <strong>Shop Wilier GTR Team 105</strong>

Strong carbon frame
Comfortable design
Good for more strenuous activity

On the expensive side of the price bracket

The Wilier GTR Team 105 offers a carbon framed bicycle that is good for more strenuous cycling activity.

The carbon monocoque frame allows stress to be placed on the shell of the frame, putting less pressure on the internal structure of the frame itself.

The 11-speed bike with 700c tires can be stopped quickly by the caliper braking system. At 8.4 kg, it is lighter than other bicycles, which can allow for less fatigue and longer rides.

Its light weight is coupled with its ergonomic design at the front and back ends, which reduce vibrations from rough surfaces.

Is it a bike for me?

For those looking for a simple bike for casual wear and tear, this bike may not be for you. This bike is more versatile and can function for those who ride casually during the week and then ride athletically during the weekends or for exercise.

For those looking for a more adaptable bicycle that can go from casual to athletic, this would be a great choice.

Price: £999.99

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Wilier GTR Team 105</strong>

at Wiggle

3. Cube Axial WS Pro Disc Road Bike 

Cube Axial WS Pro Disc <strong>Shop Cube Axial WS Pro Disc</strong>

More speed options (18-speed)
Various sizing
Durable for longer rides
Comfortable design and saddle

The frame may be less durable than other materials
On the higher end of the budget

Cube Axial WS Pro Disc Road Bike, which comes in a cute white and berry colour, is great for those who are looking to take their bikes long distance.

With its 18-speed option and natural fit saddle, this bike is designed to stay comfortable in even the longest of rides.

It has an aluminum frame, flex stays, easy-to-use gear shifts, and Tektro Spyre disc brakes. These features make this bike robust and reliable.

Is it a bike for me?

This bike is durable, and it is great for both general use and long-distance rides. The seat is comfortable and will make distance riding more manageable.

For those wanting a gender-neutral colour, the berry and white colour scheme may be a little more feminine than desirable.

For those looking for a bike that can fit most needs, this is the bike for you. It can take you on your morning and evening commutes, and it will carry you through even your longest rides.

While robust and durable, it is simple and easy to use. It is excellent for beginner and advanced riders alike.

Price: £849

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Cube Axial WS Pro Disc</strong>

at Tredz

4. B’Twin Ultra 920 AF Road Bike 

B'Twin Ultra 920 AF <strong>Shop B'Twin Ultra 920 AF</strong>

Good for casual bikers
A modified design for sleek looks and comfort
The aluminium frame makes this light- to mid-sized in weight

One of the most expensive in the budget
Not ideal for strenuous biking
Not suitable for long rides

The B’Twin Ultra 920 AF is a modified, almost second-generation version, of the Evo Vario concept bicycle. The frame has been modified with visually intriguing curvature that makes this look artistic and functional.

The frame is aluminum with a variating thickness, which reduces the weight of the bike. However, this bike is still midsized and weighs in at 8.45 kilograms. It is lighter than the TRIBAN, which is comparable to this bike.

The handlebars take into account the human anatomy to add comfort to your ride, and the steering uses durable sealed bearings.

The 11-speed bike has Direct Mount brakes that work with dual-pivot technology that allows for the brakes to stay perfectly centered and functional.

Is it a bike for me?

Like the TRIBAN, this bike is good for someone looking for a bike for more casual usage. While this bike still performs with precision, this bike aims to provide comfort to the commuter and casual cycler, not the athlete or bike fanatic.

Price: £ 999

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop B'Twin Ultra 920 AF</strong>

at Decathlon

5. Giant Contend SL 1 


Giant Contend SL 1 - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000

<strong>Shop Giant Contend SL 1</strong>

Various sizing
Durable alloy frame
Offers a smoother ride on rough surfaces
22 speeds
Tapered steerer tube
Unique welding technology provides higher quality craftsmanship

Pedals not included
More expensive
Not ideal for casual riders

The Giant Contend SL 1 is a bike designed for longer rides and more sporty riders. Its alloy frame with internal cable routing and hidden seat clamp make it look sleek and expensive while providing a premium riding experience.

The carbon bladed fork and steering allow for precision in your steering, and the alloy frame gives the bike durability. The D-fuse seat post and comfort geometry makes long rides just a little more comfortable on the body.

At 22 speeds, this bike is versatile and made for agility and climbing.

Is it a bike for me?

This bike is geared more towards the athlete that goes on more adventurous rides. If you climb hills, ride on rough roads, and take significantly longer rides, than this bike is a great option.

This bike may not be worth the additional expense for those who ride casually or use a bike to commute to work.

If you are looking for rougher paths, then this bike will fit your needs.

Price: £999

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Giant Contend SL 1</strong>

at Tredz

6. Specialized Allez E5 Sport Road Bike 

Specialized Allez E5 Sport 2019 - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000 <strong>Shop Specialized Allez E5</strong>

Carbon fork
Premium Aluminum frame
Tektro Axis caliper brakes
Shallow Drop handlebars
Agile, good for speed and distance
Suitable for racers and strenuous activity

Not necessarily for casual riders
May not be as comfortable as casual bikes
The seat may be slightly less comfortable

The Specialized Allez E5 Sport bike is designed to be a good “entry-level” road that is built for high speed and long distance. This bike is especially good for racing where agility and control are required.

This bike is inspired from the carbon-built Tarmac and has a similar head tube that this tapered while boasting a lightweight aluminum frame. The carbon steerer tube allows for gentle handling that is precise and responsive, which allows for better control of the front of the bike.

The carbon fork and the removal of the junction between the crown and steerer tube allow for the absorption of vibrations, offering a smoother ride in a variety of conditions. The caliper brakes give you control of your braking

Is it a bike for me?

This entry-level bike is suitable for those who want to go fast and want to go far. This may be unnecessary for casual riders or commuters. This is built for high-speed use and intense rides.

If you are a serious athlete that competes or needs a bike for strenuous training, then this bike would be right for you. It would also be suitable for those who are just beginning to enter the world of racing.

Price: £850

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Specialized Allez E5</strong>

at Evans Cycles

7. Bianchi Nirone Alu Sora Road Bike 


Bianchi Nirone Alu Sora 2019 - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000

<strong>Shop Bianchi Nirone Alu Sora</strong>

Triple-butted aluminum
Hydroformed frame
Good for mixed courses
Alu-carbon fork with Kevlar
Good quality for the price

Pedals not included
Sizing is more limited

In an eye-catching Celeste blue, the Bianchi Nirone Alu Sora is a bike that is hard to miss. Its triple-butted aluminum frame with hydroformed pieces demonstrate a level of design, craft, and durability than any cyclist would desire.

The alu-carbon fork with Kevlar and the rigidity of the frame make this bike great for both casual and sporty riders. This bike is particularly good at adapting.

It can work well on roads and mixed courses, meaning this bike gives you a little more freedom than a more straightforward bike.

Is it a bike for me?

This bike offers something for everyone. It is durable and manages to provide excellent performance as both a casual bike and an athletic bike. It gives more freedom to the rider to move from a relaxed ride to a more intense one.

This bike is perhaps one that would fit almost any lifestyle.

Price: £850

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Bianchi Nirone Alu Sora</strong>

at Tredz

8. Giant Contend SL 2 Disc 


Giant Contend SL 2 - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000

<strong>Shop </strong><strong> Giant Contend SL 2</strong>

Various sizing
Lightweight frame
ALUXX SL-Grade aluminum alloy
Wider tires absorb more vibrations for a smooth ride

Pedals not included
May not be necessary for commuters or casual riders

Just one look at the Giant Contend SL 2 suggests its quality and power, which is only highlighted its colour — gunmetal black with orange highlights.

The lightweight frame has longevity and endurance due to its ALUXX-SL grade aluminum alloy frame.

The D-Fuse seatpost helps to absorb vibrations on rough surfaces, which will make the ride more comfortable while reducing your fatigue. This means you can ride longer, faster, and in more variable conditions.

A great feature of this bike is the wider disc wheels, which also help to reduce vibrations while giving the bike its intense, athletic aesthetic. The conduct hydraulic disc brakes help you to feel safe and in control during your fastest rides.

Is it a bike for me?

This bike is excellent for those who want a durable bike that can transition easily from work to pleasure. It offers a comfortable ride and the capability of functioning as a casual bike, an exercise bike, or a leisure bicycle.

For those with a versatile lifestyle in need of a versatile and durable bike, this is a great option.

Price: £999

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop </strong><strong> Giant Contend SL 2</strong>

at  Tredz

9. B’Twin Ultra 900 AF Road Bike 105   

BTwin Ultra 900 - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000

<strong>Shop B'Twin Ultra 900</strong>

 Good value for money
Ideal for commuters
Precision handling and smooth ride

No cons

Light and beautifully priced, the B’Twin Ultra 900 is a bike that is renowned for providing riders with hugely enjoyable experiences.

A bike that offers precision handling and the ability to provide a smooth ride on even the roughest roads, this would make the perfect selection for someone who wants to enjoy riding, whether for pleasure or commuting.

Is it a bike for me?

Offering a full Shimano 105 5800 11s groupset and Mavic Aksium wheelset, the bike defies its price tag, although you will have to shell out for pedals, which aren’t included.

Combining carbon and aluminium, the Ultra Evo Vario frame provides a considerable saving in the weight department, and adds to the bike’s already proven ability to be a nearly unbeatable racing vehicle for this price bracket.

The chainset is a 52/36 semi-compact with 11-28 rear, which is perfectly suitable for those aiming to stick to flat roads or to use the bike solely for commuting.

Offering particular value for money, this is a bike that lives up to the hype of its brand, although it’s rare to find a B’Twin bike that falls short of its goals.

Perhaps the only disadvantage here is if you have a budget of £1,000, it might be worth taking a look at the Ultra 920, where you’ll be treated to Shimano Ultegra throughout, alongside a Fizik Arione saddle.

Price: £699.99

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop B'Twin Ultra 900</strong>

at Decathlon

10. Pinnacle Laterite 3 Road Bike 

Pinnacle Laterite 3 - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000 <strong>Shop Pinnacle Laterite 3</strong>

Mid-price range
Great introductory bike
Heat-treated aluminum frame
Tektro Caliper brakes
Mudguard fittings
Light to midweight
Neutral colour

May not be suitable for intense racing or exercise

The Pinnacle Laterite 3 is a close cousin of the Pinnacle Dolomite, which is an award-winning bike in the UK. This bike is praised for its suitability for the living and weather conditions across the UK.

Its mudguard fittings, hidden cables, and threaded bottom bracket help to keep the bike’s kit dry and clean, even in wet and rainy conditions.

The heat-treated aluminum is durable and stiff, but it lightweight enough that you can take longer rides. It can help you with your errands or help you experience an enjoyable ride for leisure.

The caliper brakes and the 22-speed drivetrain help you to steer and move up and down hills, and it allows you to stop and control your movement in any weather.

At just under 10 kg, this bike is excellent for those looking for speed or looking to start biking more.

Is it a bike for me?

While this bike can reach high speeds, it may not be the best option for more seasoned athletes looking for a high-performance racing bike.

This bike is better for those that are just introducing themselves to biking or those looking for a bike that can allow longer rides for leisure and casual fitness.

As a first bike, this is a great option. It is also a good option for those looking to slowly build to more active forms of biking, such as racing or intense cycling.

Price: £ 700

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Pinnacle Laterite 3</strong>

at Evans Cycles

11. Merida Scultura Disc 200


Merida Scultura Disc 200 - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000

<strong>Shop Merida Scultura 200 </strong>

Various sizing
Triple butted hydroformed aluminum
More Aerodynamic
Carbon tapered fork

Pedals not included
The seat may be less comfortable
Vibrant colour may be off-putting

In its vibrant gloss metallic red, Merida Scultura Disc 200 will surely turn heads. This bike is known for its frame. With a triple butted and hydroformed aluminum frame and smooth welding, this bike will offer durability and style.

The tapered head, along with the material creates stiffness in the bike, but the Fastback profile tubing gives the frame significant aerodynamics. This means that the Merida Scultura is intended to get you where you need to go fast.

Is it a bike for me?

This bike is intended for someone who needs to move quickly. If you are someone that wants to get to your destination fast or you want to get up to higher speeds, then this bike is for you.

If you are looking for a bike that has significant comfort, this may not be the best option. However, it is excellent for a racer that does not care about comfort over agility and speed.  

Price: £900

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Merida Scultura 200 </strong>

at Tredz

12. Cannondale Synapse Alloy Disc Tiagra

Cannondale Synapse Alloy Disc Tiagra - Best Road Bikes Under £1,000 <strong>Shop Cannondale Synapse Disc Tiagra </strong>

Various sizing
Durable alloy frame
Offers a smoother ride on rough surfaces
Tapered steerer tube
Unique welding technology provides higher quality craftsmanship

The priciest bike in our list
Not suitable for racers or high-intensity rides
Not ideal for sustained high speeds

The Cannondale Synapse Alloy Disc Tiagra is built to be lightweight, comfortable, and reliable. The tapering of the frame and the asymmetric disc design give this bike great stability, even on the roughest or most rough conditions.

The alloy frame gives higher levels of durability, and the carbon fork helps absorb shock and vibration — the Promax Decoder R Mechanical Disc brakes alloy for precise braking in poor weather and road conditions.

Importantly, the more upright position of the frame allows for more comfort on longer rides, and the compact handlebars make this bike easy to handle.

Is it a bike for me?

This bike is excellent for those looking for a bike that can survive explorations and journeys. This bike would be good on a variety of surfaces. It is suitable for exploring, commuting, and group riding. It may not offer the highest speeds that a racer is looking for, so more intense athletes may not find this bike to be the best option.

This is good for riders who may need to commute during the day but explore on the weekends.

Price: £1,000

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Cannondale Synapse Disc Tiagra </strong>

 at Evans Cycles

13. Cube Attain Pro Disc Road Bike


Cube Attain Pro Disc - Best Road Bikes Under £1000


<strong>Shop Cube Attain Pro Disc</strong>

Various sizing
Durable alloy frame
Built for high speed and racers
Sleek, futuristic design

Not ideal for casual riders
May not be as comfortable as other bikes
On the heavier side of the scale

Cube Attain Pro Disc has a sleek design and looks futuristic with its beautiful white finish with black and red highlights. This bike is known for its quality gearing

This bike runs with Shimano Sora gearing, which is award winning and known for its power and racing ability. Every part of this bike is built for high performance, including the natural fit Nuance race saddle and cube performance post.

The double butted aluminum superlite frame with smooth welding makes this better able to reach top speeds. However, weighing in at 10.2 kg, this bike may weight a little more than other options.

Is it a bike for me?

If you are looking for a bike that is designed to help you reach peak performance, then this is exactly the bike for you.

This bike may be too powerful for the casual rider looking for a comfortable and quick commute.

Price: £849

Best Place to  Buy

<strong>Shop Cube Attain Pro Disc</strong>

at Chain Reaction Cycles

The Final Word

There are many different options available, and some simple research can help you decide which bike will fit your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for speed in a race or comfort in your commute, there is a bicycle that can help you fulfill your needs.

Some of these bikes can help you take your riding to the next level, and others can help you become introduced into the world of biking.

These are just some of the best bikes that can help make the rest of your year adventurous, smooth, and rewarding.


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