Instant Knockout Review 2020 – The Ultimate Fat Burner?

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

One of the products that has defined the weight loss and fitness industry over the past few decades have been supplements that boost fat loss.

Different fat-burning supplement formulations come in and out of style over time, but what has defined the newer fat burners has been research-based formulas and increased safety.

One of the most popular and talked about supplements in today’s fitness industry is Instant Knockout, a fat-loss and muscle definition supplement originally designed for athletes.

Speaking frankly, most so-called fat-burner supplements cause many people to raise an eyebrow. Supplement manufacturers promise to help you shed fat and marketing strategies lead you to believe that they will somehow also help you reveal a toned body, without the need for you to lift a finger or change your diet.

It makes you wonder – can these supplements really be a magic pill for getting lean and fit?

In this article, we will give you a real review of the Instant Knockout fat burner supplement, including a detailed look at what it is, what happens when you take it, and, ultimately, whether it works.

For those of you who are just interested in the bottom line, here it is:

Studies have shown that the active ingredients in Instant Knockout are effective for boosting energy, burning fat, and preserving muscle, when paired with exercise and a healthy diet. It will help you lose fat more efficiently than if you diet and exercise alone.

Ok, now on to the evidence.

Introducing Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a fat burning and muscle definition formula that was originally designed for professional boxers and mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes burn fat to achieve their ideal weight before a fight.

After its success in the athletic industry, manufacturers decided to make the product available to the general public.

Instant Knockout contains 10 research-backed active ingredients that aim to boost fat metabolism, increase energy, and help to define muscle.

The official webpage for Instant Knockout claims that it well help eliminate the most stubborn fat – no matter where it is on your body. From man boobs to belly fat, Instant Knockout will “slay your fat demons”.

Instant Knockout WebsiteProduct Website:

How Does Instant Knockout Work?

Instant Knockout is effective thanks to ten research-backed and proven ingredients.

Now – it isn’t magic. It’s science. Let’s review.

Our bodies need energy for every single one of its functions. In our natural state, our bodies will use glucose, which comes primarily from the carbohydrates we eat, for its preferred source of energy.

When blood glucose is used up, our cells turn to glycogen, a stored form of glucose, for its energy needs. But our body doesn’t have much-stored glucose, so once that is used up, our cells start breaking down fat for energy.

If we go a long time without eating, use more calories than we are consuming, or if we reduce our carbohydrate consumption, our bodies will eventually naturally break down fat to make sure all of our cells have enough energy.

However, everyone’s metabolism is slightly different, and the time it takes to naturally get to a fat-burning state (that will also burn fat in your desired areas), can greatly vary from person to person.

This is where the frustration can kick in. Many people who want to lose fat and have a “leaner” appearance diet undertake intense exercise routines without seeing the desired results.

Supplements can help to assuage the frustration by providing your body with unique substrates that can modify your natural metabolism to favor the use of fat for energy.

Instant Knockout is different than most supplements in that it doesn’t only contain one, two, or even three fat-burning substance. Instant Knockout contains a whopping ten components in the proportions that make them work together to boost fat loss.

Finally, Instant Knockout doesn’t claim that one pill is enough for you to see results. It is important to have a steady supply of the ten key ingredients to your body throughout the day to have a real effect on your metabolism.

For this reason, the product instructions indicate that you should take four capsules daily. This will make sure that your body will have enough of the ingredients throughout the day to help boost fat burning.

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Instant Knockout Ingredients

Each capsule contains ten active ingredients that work individually and together to help fight fat.

Below we review each of these ingredients and identify the research that examines their fat-fighting properties.

Instant Knockou Bottle

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 (also known as pyridoxine) isn’t another vitamin thrown into the mix. Vitamin B6 is a key vitamin for the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fats (1).

In this way, it helps you to build muscle and break down carbohydrates and fat for energy use by your cells.  Additionally, research shows it plays a role in fat oxidation, meaning it helps to break down fat, including the fat stored in your body (2).

Vitamin B12

This B vitamin is essential for making energy available to your cells. It helps convert food into useable energy so you can make the most out of your workout (3). It is especially helpful for people who may be deficient in vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is also important for the process of breaking down fats, improving carbohydrate digestion and maximizing protein synthesis – all of which are important for achieving a lean, muscular body.


Studies show that supplementing with zinc for 8 weeks helps to improve glucose metabolism and lowers LDL “bad” cholesterol – both of which are side effects of being overweight or of having poor lifestyle habits (4).

This addition to the Instant Knockout helps to improve some of the health markers that go along with being overweight, obese, or not exercising or eating properly. This makes the supplement a great companion for those who are looking to lose weight for their health as well as to improve their image.

GTF Chromium

Glucose Tolerance Factor Chromium, also known as GTF Chromium, is a trace mineral that helps to normalize blood glucose levels, and helps to support normal cholesterol levels (5).

Its fat-burning power comes from a protein called chromodulin. It helps your body metabolize carbohydrates and fat to make them available to you as energy (6).

Additionally it helps to help keep you feeling full, thus leading to a decrease in cravings and food consumption, and studies show that it helps with weight loss (7).

Green Tea Extract

You might have heard that drinking green tea can help to boost weight loss. This is due, in part, to the plant chemicals (polyphenols) called catechins.

Research has been conducted on the fat-loss effect of catechins as far back as the 1970s, that show the different potential mechanisms by which green tea extract can help to boost fat loss.

Some of these mechanisms include inhibiting your body from storing fat, decreasing fat absorption, and increasing energy expenditure (8).

Several studies show that catechins from green tea help to boost weight loss and weight maintenance (9).

Can you just drink green tea instead to reap the benefits? Not necessarily. The active compounds that help to boost weight loss can vary significantly depending on the preparation methods, brewing time, and brewing temperature (10).

Green tea extract is developed to provide uniform levels of catechins for maximum safe potency.

Cayenne Pepper

Do you remember the famous cayenne powder drink celebrities drank to boost weight loss? The celebrity diet, although quite extreme, was based on evidence of the weight loss effects of the spice.

Essentially, cayenne pepper helps to boost the amount of energy you use throughout the day and insulin sensitivity (11). This is mainly due to the chemical’s capsaicin and capsiate.

Both of these chemicals help to increase energy expenditure – meaning that you will increase your energy use even without additional activity – and enhance fat oxidation, leading it to modestly improve weight loss, when used on its own (12).


Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber found in the roots of a plant called the elephant yam or the konjac.

Glucomannan doesn’t increase energy expenditure or boost fat burning like most of the other extracts in the Instant Knockout supplement. Instead, glucomannan helps boost weight loss in a different way: it helps decrease the amount of food you eat.

Glucomannan, when ingested helps to increase the feeling of fullness and facilitate bowel movements to slightly reduce energy absorption (13).

Even when used alone, studies show that Glucomannan can help decrease bodyweight in overweight and obese adults (14).

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine helps to boost weight loss in four ways.

  • It increases focus and concentration to boost exercise effectiveness (15)
  • It reduces muscle pain associated with exercise, allowing you to work out for longer or increase intensity (16).
  • It increases energy, thus boosting energy expenditure (17)
  • It helps to improve insulin sensitivity, thus boosting fat loss (18)

Additionally, caffeine helps to boost the effect of green tea catechins for weight loss. A study carried out in 2010 showed that when green tea extract was taken together with caffeine for 12 weeks, there was a significant reduction in body weight over caffeine and other extracts (19).

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper extract, commonly referred to by its active ingredient, piperine. Piperine interacts directly with receptors in the body that regulate fat metabolism (fat burning), TRPA1 and TRPV1.

Piperine triggers the receptors to increase energy metabolism and keep your body from storing fat (20).

If you are following a high-fat diet like the keto diet, piperine is also effective to boost fat loss while reducing inflammation caused by the high-fat diet (21).

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee beans are simply unroasted coffee beans. The extract has a compound called chlorogenic acid, and initial studies show that it helps to help limit the absorption of glucose (22).

As described at the beginning of this article, in order to burn fat, your body must use up available glucose.

Green Coffee Extract helps to limit the absorption of glucose, even when you consume carbohydrates so that your body can start burning fat faster. Studies show that, when used for an extended period of time, it may result in a reduction in body fat and body mass (23).

As a plus for your health, it helps to reduce blood pressure as well.

Usage & Dosage

The label recommends taking four capsules of Instant Knockout daily with a full glass of water. With four capsules of Instant Knockout, you will receive:

Serving Size: 4 Capsules – Servings per Container: 30 Amount Per Serving % Daily Amount
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl) 5mg 250
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 10mcg 166
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 10mg 150
GTF Chromium (as picolinate) 100mcg 82
Green Tea Extract 500mcg *
Green Coffee Extract 100mg *
Cayenne Powder 100mg *
Glucomannan (konjac root) 1800mg *
Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg *
Black Pepper Extract (standardized to 95% PE) 10mg *

*Daily value not established

Does Instant Knockout Have Any Side Effects?

There may be some mild side effects from taking Instant Knockout due to one or more of the ingredients. The most commonly reported side effect is jitteriness due to the caffeine, especially in people who are sensitive to caffeine.

You should always consult with a doctor before taking on a new supplement regimen, because some people with certain conditions or taking certain medications may be more sensitive to side effects than others.


10 fat-fighting components in one
All-natural extracts
All ingredients are backed by research
High-potency dosages
Effective for suppressing appetite
No proprietary blends
90-day money back guarantee


Premium price
Not vegetarian/vegan-friendly
Only available through product website


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can You Buy Instant Knockout?

You can only buy instant knockout through the website.

Is Instant Knockout a Good Value for the Money?

We know that Instant Knockout is on the pricier side when it comes to fat burner supplements, so you want to make sure it works well enough to justify the investment.

Clever packaging aside (the bottle is shaped like a fist since it was originally designed for boxers and MMA fighters), we all want to know if Instant Knockout is a good value for what you pay.

Let’s look at the numbers: each bottle of Instant Knockout has 120 capsules. That doesn’t mean that it will last for 120 days, however. Keeping in mind that you should take 4 pills a day for maximum results, that means that each bottle will last for one month.

If you buy each months supply bottle individually, it costs $59. If you buy two bottles, you don’t get any real savings on the supplement, but you do get free shipping to anywhere in the US and the UK.

The best value, however, comes from buying the Ultimate Shredding Stack. This is where you get the best bang for your buck.

instant knockout deal

For $185, the ultimate Shredding Stack contains:

  • 3 bottles of Instant Knockout (enough for 90 days)
  • 1 free bottle (enough for 30 days)
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • 90-day moneyback Guarantee

With this last pack, you get about a 4 months supply of Instant Knockout. Some additional plusses to the Ultimate Shredding Stack as compared to buying only one or two bottles is free shipping anywhere in the world and a moneyback guarantee.

Even though $185 price tag may seem a little steep, you have two big advantages. First, it represents at least a $60 savings, and second, the 90-day moneyback guarantee gives you the assurance that, if it doesn’t work for you, you can send it back and get your money back.

Does it Work?

No matter what it costs, the investment means nothing if the product doesn’t work to reduce fat. So, does it?

In terms of the ingredients, research demonstrates that all components individually help to boost fat loss, improve cholesterol and blood pressure, and boost energy among others. Users report that it an effective fat loss booster, especially for people who exercise and take care of their diet.

Some people who are sensitive to caffeine report feeling jittery after taking all four pills, so some choose to reduce the dosage, even if it may not be effective boosting fat loss.

Our Verdict

Instant Knockout is, without a doubt an effective weight loss supplement. Most weight loss supplements contain only one of the ingredients contained and Instant Knockout. Instant Knockout contains 10 research-backed weight loss supplements in potent, yet safe, proportions.

Users, both athletes, and recreational fitness buffs love the product and report that it helped them to lose fat and to have increased muscle definition.

There is no doubt that Instant Knockout does what it says it does: helps you lose weight. The product bundles on the website are the most cost-effective options, and the money-back guarantee gives you the confidence to make the investment.

In short, we recommend Instant Knockout for weight loss in athletes and non-athletes alike.

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