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Instant Knockout Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

One of the most difficult aspects when looking at any fitness supplement is knowing whether it is the right one.

This is especially pertinent when it comes to fat burner supplements, which have the advantage of being among the most useful and effective of all.

Used regularly by MMA fighters and pro boxers, fat burner supplements are an essential part of some fitness regimes – choosing one that does the job is critical.

When our team began researching fat burner supplements, we discovered that the market is strong and that there are a couple of market-leading products that set the standard.

One of these is Instant Knockout. It is a popular choice and boasts lots of excellent customer testimonials.

Produced by Roar Ambition, a company dedicated to the research and development of fitness supplements, Instant Knockout is a product we thought you would like to know about.

Before we go on to give you more detail, here’s a bit about what the Instant Knockout fat burner supplement can do for you:

  • Boost your metabolism – this helps burn fat more quickly and effectively
  • Increase energy levels – an essential part of fat burning
  • Suppress appetite – to prevent unhealthy binge eating

The truth is that healthy, safe and effective fat burning is not a quick fix – it is something that needs to be done in a careful and considered manner.

So, how does Instant Knockout do?

Here’s our team’s review of Instant Knockout, the much talked about fat burner supplement from Roar Ambition.

How Instant Knockout Works and What’s The Ingredients

The first thing you need to know about Instant Knockout is what you are ingesting.

Not all supplements list their ingredients as openly, but Roar Ambition is open and clear about what it puts into its products.

The most common aspects of fat burning supplements as mentioned above – i.e. boosting the metabolism, improving energy levels and suppressing appetite – are not always found together in supplements.

But we like the fact that Instant Knockout seeks to approach the problem from all three angles.

Another great thing about Instant Knockout is that, like most other products from Roar Ambition, it is made from natural ingredients. As such, you know that you are not consuming any harmful chemicals.

Let’s check out some of the ingredients involved, and talk a little about what they add to the process:

  • Green Tea – used widely in Eastern medicine and as a food supplement, Green Tea is a dual-purpose ingredient – it not only boosts the metabolism but also acts as an appetite suppressant. It is a must for any fat-burning supplement.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – one of the most effective forms of caffeine, i.e., one of the most used natural stimulants in the world. Caffeine anhydrous is a product that can boost your energy levels while also acting on your metabolism.
  • Glucomannan – a natural plant extract that is essential and effective in suppressing your hunger, glucomannan is a popular ingredient in supplements such as this and adds to the appeal of Instant Knockout.
  • Green Coffee Bean – another plant extract that we are happy to see included among the ingredients of Instant Knockout, Green Coffee Bean helps to boost your metabolism further and works in conjunction with others listed here.
  • Black Pepper Extract – this aids the absorption of the other active ingredients and, as such, boosts the effectiveness of the supplement as a whole.

So, that’s a brief overview of some of the essential ingredients that you will find in the make-up of Instant Knockout.

But there are many others too: these include a selection of B-vitamins, chromium, zinc and some fruit extracts, each of which is listed on the full ingredients list (read the label for more information).

We also like the fact that the amount of each ingredient per dose is also given, as you need to know exactly what you are ingesting.

One thing to note is that this fat burner contains Gelatine; this may be a problem for vegans and vegetarians, so is worth bearing in mind.

If you want to find out more about the list of Instant Knockout ingredients, check out this page from their website:


Instant Knockout Ingredients

So far, so good; so, what else did we like about Instant Knockout?

What Makes Instant Knockout Different?

The market for fat-burner supplements – and indeed all supplements – is awash with products making some very grand claims. As such, it is hard to find out which products genuinely do what you need them to.

So, is Instant Knockout any different from the crowd?

To begin with, Roar Ambition’s open and honest approach is a real breath of fresh air.

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you may notice that we have covered another product from Roar Ambition in a previous post, which you can read about here.

But, back to Roar Ambition: this company gives you a clear indication of precisely what is in their products and, if you visit their website, you will find plenty more information regarding Instant Knockout in particular, and how it should be used.

Visit their website now to find out more:

The fact that this product only uses natural ingredients is a real bonus; some rival products include chemical additives that, while not necessarily harmful, can be damaging and unwanted.

We also think the fact that Instant Knockout approaches the fat burning problem from all three angles (boosting the metabolism, increasing energy levels and suppressing appetite) adds to the appeal.

What we will say, before we go into more detail about how to use this product, is that Instant Knockout is not a quick fix.

No miracle pill will burn fat for you without you having to put the work in. Regardless of the big sales claims, you have to do your bit.

But, if you pull your weight and follow the instructions, this is a product that will do the job for you. It comes as no surprise that it is one of the leading fat burner supplements on the market.

Side Effects

As with all such supplements, you need to know if there are going to be any potential side-effects when you take it.

The positive side of things here is that, unless you are specifically allergic to any of the ingredients in Instant Knockout – and they are all listed for you, remember – then you should be fine.

This is mostly because the product uses only natural ingredients, and is formulated in such a way as to be entirely harmless.

Having said that, some users may be a little wary of a product that uses caffeine as an active ingredient.

This is understandable, so here’s some more information on the caffeine content…

One day’s dosage amounts to a total intake of 300mg of caffeine (this is a product that you regularly take more than once a day, as we will discuss in a moment).

As such, if you are a regular coffee drinker, it may be advisable to cut down your caffeine intake. Caffeine can be a potent stimulant.

To summarise as far as side effects are concerned, the product should be safe to use as long as you check for allergens and don’t overdo the caffeine.

Now let’s take a look at how you use Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockou Bottle

Using Instant Knockout

Some supplements are taken in one go with food or liquid before you begin your workout.

It is vital that you follow the instructions for dosage carefully. The package indicates how this product should be taken, so here goes!

Instant Knockout is designed to be taken in capsule form, one at a time, four times a day.

It is taken between meals, and this method is intended to make it more effective throughout the day.

One word of advice we can add is that it is probably best not taken close to bed-time, due to its caffeine content.

Customer reviews point towards this being an effective product that is easy to take, although you will have to remember to take it during working hours if you lead a 9 to 5 life. But this product has many satisfied users.

One small point we should make is that there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners added to this product. As it is taken in capsule form, taste is not an issue.

Before we go on, let’s have a quick summary of some of the positives and negatives of the Instant Knockout fat burner supplement:



All natural ingredients, so nothing harmful
No artificial sweeteners
Boosts metabolism
Tempers appetite
Increases energy levels
No proprietary blend
Reputable brand
High caffeine content may be a problem for some
Can only be purchased directly on their website
Premium price product
Need to be taken four times daily (you need good self-discipline and commitment!)
Capsules include Gelatine so not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

In summary, Instant Knockout is typical of Roar Ambition products in that it is effective, safe and entirely natural, and includes a variety of ingredients that have been proven to do the job required.

Unlike many other products of this type, there is no evidence that this one has the ‘energy crash’ effect that many others have reported to.

The main complaint from users is, in fact, the fact that it has to be taken four times daily, not the caffeine content.

We think that with planning and care, this is a minor problem that can be easily overcome.

Where to Buy Instant Knockout

You can, if you wish, head to your local store and buy the fitness products they have on the shelf.

You may be lucky and find one that does what you require, or you may do what many people do, and find one that doesn’t give the effect you want.

That’s the purpose of us providing this review: we want you to know that you can get a product that works.

Now, if you are adept at shopping online, this won’t be a problem, but one downside is that Instant Knockout is currently only available direct from the maker.

Similar to their other products, you can’t purchase them on Amazon or any other online retailers.

While this can be a pain for some, we believe that this is a good thing as that means you can be guaranteed to purchase a genuine product directly from the maker. No counterfeit product and all that nonsense!

It is; however, a straightforward purchase to make, using a safe and secure online shopping portal, and with excellent information on the website that you will find to be useful.

The upside to this is that you can be confident that you are buying the genuine article, as it is not unusual for knock-off fakes to become available when a product gets this popular.

If you’re not familiar with online shopping, you’re sure to know someone who can press the buttons for you!

>> Visit the Instant Knockout website for more information <<

Value For Money?

It is difficult to gauge value for money in products such as this, as there are so many available and the market is competitive.

The honest answer here is that many cheaper products claim to do the same thing as Instant Knockout. None are made from the same active ingredients that provide the results you are looking for.

This is a premium product, and so it attracts a premium price. However, we recommend you don’t take price as the deciding factor.

Instant Knockout is a favorite product for an excellent reason – it does what it claims to do.

Roar Ambition currently has an offer on: get four bottles for the price of three. So, if you are considering buying this product, now is a good time.

It may be worth checking out their other products, too, as they cater to a wide range of different types of supplement.

Does It Work?

Cutting to the chase, a month into using the product, we’ve surprisingly found Instant Knockout to be effective in the manner the manufacturer claims.

We are certainly feeling the benefit of taking it, especially when we’re working out.

If you are a regular gym goer, like ourselves, and thinking of cutting your diet, we would without a shadow of the doubt advise factoring this product into your diet.

We are suitably impressed with the natural ingredients and the combination of such, and the many positive customer testimonials are further confirmation that this is a fat burner that will do the job (yes, we first checked their customer’s testimonials before we decided to purchase. Crazy right?)

Check out this testimonial YouTube video from one of the happy customers!

If you follow the instructions and don’t expect immediate results, you will find that Instant Knockout is a great product that you can rely on.

Our Final Word

In brief, this is one of  – and very possibly the – best fat burner supplements available, and while it may appear to be sold at a premium price, it has also proven to be effective.

Natural, safe and practical, it is indeed worth a look. But, bear in mind that this is not a product that will work on its own.

Instant Knockout is designed to be taken as a supplement to your regular healthy diet, and you need to exercise regularly and correctly to get the benefits.

Use Instant Knockout as prescribed, and you will feel the benefits in a short time.

If you want to have a little nosey about the maker and check out what’s on offer, visit:

Alternatively, if you are looking to find out more information about the product or want to buy it directly:


We hope you enjoy reading our Instant Knockout review! Leave us a comment and let us know how you get on with your own result?


Instant Knockout Review - Is It Worth the Money?
Instant Knockout Review - Is It Worth the Money? 1
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