Legion Phoenix Fat Burner Review 2019

Phoenix Fat Burner

There are several different food supplements that you can take to help you move towards that perfect body weight and to utilize your metabolism more effectively, in concert with the exercise regime and the diet you have worked out, to target and go after those fat cells that you no longer want.

Fat burners, as defined in the journal Obesity Reviews are “nutrition supplements that are claimed to increase fat metabolism or energy expenditure acutely, impair fat absorption, increase weight loss, increase fat oxidation during exercise, or somehow cause long-term adaptations that promote fat metabolism.”

The main reason is that you want to break down fat and use it as a fuel source. It can boost your energy, curb your appetite, and increase your metabolism and core temperature, helping you burn more calories throughout the day. People are also looking to get more cut and to get rid of fat as well.

Introducing Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

Today, we are looking at one product in particular: Legion Phoenix Fat Burner. It comes from Legion, a great company, founded by Mike Matthews, who had as his mission the idea of bringing something unique to the supplement market.

Check out their website here:

Phoenix Fat Burner Website

He saw it as being saturated with pills and powders that promised a lot but delivered nothing, and he wanted to offer an alternative. Part of this alternative is the transparency behind the creation of the products, and how they work.

Legion Phoenix is a 100% natural fat burner, based on published scientific papers that back up the technology of fat burners.

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All you have to do is look at their site and the amount of data that they provide you with, and how willing they are to answer any questions that people have, to see that they want people to understand fully what their product does.

They provide great information on how this transparency is not prevalent in the industry, and also a lot of data on the kind of ingredients being used in supplements that do nothing to aid you in becoming fitter.

Having an open forum on their site where people can voice their concerns and have them addressed is a great way to handle any question not already addressed by their FAQs, and the information you can access on each product page. We found it very informative and easy to use.

How Legion Phoenix works

The overall picture of how Legion Phoenix works is that it suppresses your appetite while increasing your basal metabolic rate and the rate of lipolysis in your body, by using compounds that exist naturally and don’t have any adverse effects on your body.

The ingredients in Legion Phoenix are designed to help you by using naturally occurring chemical compounds that work on your fat cells.

Unlike other fat burners, Phoenix doesn’t have caffeine, and the reason given for this is that by survey people get it from other sources, and prefer to consume it in their coffee, rather than in their dietary supplements.

Legion Phoenix Ingredients

Legion is really transparent on what is contained in their supplements, and you can find a full list of Legion Phoenix ingredients below.

Legion Phoenix Ingredients

Synephrine, present in some kinds of citrus fruits and increases your basal metabolic rate and lipolysis. It inhibits fat cell receptors. It increases the thermic effect of food. It works with caffeine to increase the effectiveness of caffeine’s fat loss properties. It also suppresses appetite.

Naringin, a flavonoid, which you get in grapefruit, oranges and tomato skins, stimulates the body into producing adiponectin, which breaks down fat cells and increases basal metabolic rate.

Hesperidin improves blood flow and reduces blood vessel inflammation. It works with Naringin to produce adiponectin and again raises that basal metabolic rate.

Epigallocatechin Gallate is a component found in green tea, some nuts, and carob, which helps adrenaline and noradrenaline by blocking certain enzymes and assisting 5-HTP.

Forskolin is instrumental in initiating the energy-burning process, and increases fat loss and increases testosterone levels.

5-HTP is an appetite suppressant found in milk, meat, potatoes, pumpkin, and various greens.

Hordenine is found in barley, millet, and sorghum, and some types of cacti and induces lipolysis.

Salicin present in foods like berries, olives, and mushrooms amplifies the metabolic boost caused by ephedrine.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid found in many high-protein foods such as poultry, fish, dairy products, and nuts. L-tyrosine is included to offset 5-HTP, which may deplete bodily tyrosine stores.

Read more about Legion Phoenix ingredients here:


Any side effects?

Any change in your diet presents the opportunity for side effects. The Fat Burner is designed to affect the way that your body is performing certain functions, so you are going to notice some changes, but anything non-optimum should be temporary.

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See where Legion Phoenix Fat Burner Now stacks up in our Best Fat Burner Supplements for 2019

If something persists as an unwanted symptom, you should stop taking the supplement and seek advice from a medical expert.

Legion is interested in reducing any effects like this, but can’t eliminate the possibility of them presenting in some instances.

Phoenix has been known to affect people’s stomachs when they first take it. Taking soluble fiber with your diet can help this.

This effect can be exacerbated if you increase the dosage higher than they usually recommended amount, which some people on the site were asking about.


It seems obvious to say, but one of the significant benefits is burning fat in a way that is healthier than a lot of other fat burners out there on the market. The fact that there are no fillers, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals is a big thing.

You can easily see what it is that you are putting in your body, and there is information on what you can expect each ingredient to do.

This transparency means that you can make sure that if you are taking any other kind of supplements, you can quickly determine the effect that they might have on each other.

If you don’t know what something does, you have a very valuable resource in the website and the community on it, and what seems like very accessible support staff. We felt very comfortable with the idea that we could find out about anything we needed to.


Vegetarian Friendly
All natural ingredients
Ethical Company
Gluten Free


A small amount of dietary discomfort when you start taking it.
Not Vegan Friendly.

Usage & Dosage

As with any product that Legion produces, their recommended dosages are very clearly marked out. They are based on tests that determine what the optimum dosage is, but given the number of factors that can vary from person to person; there may possibly some variation in what dosage works best for you.

It is recommended that you take it two times a day. Three capsules with your first meal, and 2 with a later meal, and it is recommended that you consume caffeine to maximize its effectiveness.

You are also advised to cycle, four weeks on and one-off.

Pricing & Buying Info

If you compare the price of Phoenix to other fat burners, it is pretty reasonable. You get 150 for $35, and it works out at 30 servings, which is about $1.15 per day. Legion gives its customers free worldwide shipping and 100% it’s on us Money Back Guarantee.

Legion Phoenix Price


How quickly will I see results with PHOENIX?

With one serving of PHOENIX per day, you can expect your body to burn an additional 150 to 200 calories and to benefit from several other mechanisms that accelerate fat loss.

We’ve found that if you know what you’re doing with your diet and exercise, and if you take PHOENIX every day, you can expect to lose, on average, an additional 0.5 pounds of fat per week.

With proper diet and training, most people can expect to lose about 1 pound of fat per week, so as you can see, this is quite significant and really starts to add up as the weeks go by.

How do I know you’re not selling bottles of fillers like other supplement companies have been caught doing?

You’ll know PHOENIX is a real product by the results.

Many of our customers are fitness competitors that meticulously track everything while preparing for competitions, and we’ve heard from them time and time again about the benefits of PHOENIX.

Specifically, a noticeable reduction in hunger and cravings and increased fat loss over their average rate by anywhere from 30 to 50%.

You can also rest easy knowing that all of our products are manufactured here in the USA in a cGMP and NSF-certified facility (one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in the business, actually).

Does It Work?

Yes, you can be confident that this product works.

Drew B. – Verified Buyer

I was losing and moving towards my goal weight, but the stubborn fat around my stomach wasn’t budging as quickly as I’d hoped. I bought this product hoping to speed up the fat burn and I wasn’t let down. Works great and saw noticeable results within 7-10 days!

Henry S. – Verified Buyer

Losing weight and keeping your muscle gains is easy to a certain point. When we eat healthy small portions 5 to 6 times a day the unwanted fat slides off like water but if we know our bodies we all have our wall. That’s when I have noticed I need help!! Phoenix comes in and takes it to another level and I am able to reach my goal. Amazing stuff and all natural!!! Just a side note you don’t have to wait until you hit that wall to start taking Phoenix like me, just start losing that fat but you need to eat, rest and exercise for best results

There are hundreds of testaments to this effect that you can check out here:


The Bottom Line

As with any supplement, especially a fat burner, you need to use it in cohesion with a proper diet and a good exercise regime. We want to stress that this supplement is only going to work correctly for you, and give you the most effective fat burn if you use it how it is instructed.

The team likes that the ingredients are natural, and the fact that it is vegetarian is a bonus. It’s a smart move taking this into account and making sure that those of us who are dealing with plant-based protein can still benefit from the advances in the technology behind Phoenix. However, for the moment, it isn’t Vegan because the L-tyrosine comes from animal sources.

The facilities in which the pills are made are FDA inspected, and the pills are also gluten-free, but they are prepared in a facility with wheat. Strangely, this wasn’t marked out on the ingredients page and was something we found while going through the FAQs. But this is a great thing, given the number of supplements on the market that don’t take this into account.

If you are taking any other supplements from Legion, there are plenty of recommendations on how to combine them, and you can use Phoenix in combination with Pulse and Forge, which are part of a group called the Fat Loss stack. We are sure you can also get advice on combining the supplements with anything else you are taking as part of your regime.

You can see that Mike Matthews has put a lot of thought into how he has built up his company and that philosophy has carried through into the products as well. A website that educates its clientele and makes it easy for them to understand what they are putting into their body and what it is going to do is going to have very loyal customers.

There are several experts on the website offering their testimonies to what a great company Legion are, such as Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, author of “The Fat Loss Prescription”, and Ben Greenfield Ironman Triathlete and Best Selling Author. Dr. Nadolsky, in particular, is an advocate of safe fat loss, which is very reassuring when you are taking a fat burner.

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See where Legion Phoenix Fat Burner Now stacks up in our Best Fat Burner Supplements for 2019

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