4 Gauge Pre-Workout Supplement Review

4 Gauge Pre-Workouts

Here at Legwork, we love working out and exercising on top of the general cardio that we get from cycling and running.

An average week often also includes going to the gym, either to do some strength training or to go the extra mile and do some extra cardio sessions like HIIT or circuits.

But we, like everyone else, are all too familiar with the feeling of knowing we should go to the gym and workout but lacking the energy and motivation to actually get there.

It is times like this when a pre-workout supplement comes into its own.

The problem is – as with all such products – how do you know that the one you choose will actually work? Some can have side-effects that drag you down rather than work you up.

On top of that, especially after the Lance Armstrong saga in cycling, some may scoff at the idea of taking ‘supplements’ as they consider it to be cheating.

The good news, as we discuss in our in-depth article about pre-workout supplements, is that taking a pre-workout supplement is certainly not cheating – it is, in fact, fairly common practice nowadays.

Also, bear in mind the fact that most pre-workout supplements are intended for bodybuilding or muscle building, so finding one that is relatively suitable and balanced could prove to be tricky.

Introducing 4 Gauge Pre-Workout

So, we took a look around, did a bit of research and found a pre-workout supplement called 4 Gauge.

4 Gauge Website


It comes in lovely packaging that looks like a shotgun cartridge. But, while we think it looks pretty cool, it’s not what’s on the outside that you need to know about; we care more about what’s on the inside.

Thankfully, the makers, Roar Ambition, are well-known for their research and development of supplements such as this.

Before we tell you what we think, here’s what Roar Ambition says 4 Gauge will do for you:

  • Give you added motivation and push you further in the gym.
  • Increase your level of focus.
  • Build muscle, cut fat, and help you work out for longer.
  • Enhance the link between mind and muscle.

What did we make of it?

We gave it a good go. Here’s our 4 Gauge Pre-workout review. Please bear in mind that this review is based on our team’s experience on testing 4 Gauge so it’s very personal.

Your results and experience from testing the product may differ from ours. We write this review to share our experience in case you are on the lookout for a pre-workout supplement yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get into the detail.

How 4 Gauge Works and What’s in it

Every supplement of this kind uses various ingredients to achieve the effect it claims. Roar Ambition is keen on in-depth research and have put a lot of time and effort into getting 4 Gauge right.

So what’s in it and how do the ingredients achieve the desired result?

The first thing to take note of is that this is a supplement made from entirely natural ingredients, which is a fact we appreciate greatly.

There are no artificial sweeteners, for example, and nothing we could see that could potentially cause any side-effects.

As with all such products, it’s also important to know what’s in them in case of allergies, too. This is all a very positive start for us, so let’s take a more in-depth look.

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The Ingredients and What They Do

The first ingredients to take note of are focused on the intake of nitric oxide, which is essential when it comes to muscle performance. These are:

  • Red Beetroot Extract – the natural extract of red beetroot is used in 4 Gauge as a nitric oxide boost and is said to be very effective. The high nitrate content of this ingredient will help you improve muscle performance and is entirely natural.
  • L-Citrulline DL-Malate – this is a natural extract from watermelon and is another nitrate-rich ingredient. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow, which provides the desired effect you want when you workout.

The remainder of the 4 Gauge Pre-Workout ingredients are there to provide added strength, to limit fatigue, and to enhance energy and focus.

These are the following, and each provides its own factor within the above parameters:

  • Creatine Monohydrate – frequently used by bodybuilders and athletes as an additive, creatine in this form will add fuel to your muscles very quickly, resulting in a longer and more intense workout.
  • Caffeine – well known from its presence in coffee, caffeine as a supplement ingredient can provide increased focus and endurance, and also adds strength and cognitive performance.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – another supplement that adds strength and endurance and reduces fatigue, and one that can help reduce muscle damage so providing you with a safer, more productive workout.
  • L-Theanine – an essence of green tea leaves, theanine when used in conjunction with caffeine can give impressive results in terms of focus, memory, and drive, and with no recognized risks involved.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – a herb used widely in Eastern and alternative medicines that is said to increase focus and reduce muscle tension. It is – like all the above – entirely natural and harmless, but very effective.

4 Gauge also includes coconut water in powdered form for hydration. If you want to check these ingredients in more detail,

You can check them out here:

4 Gauge Ingredients / Label
4 Gauge Supplement Facts

So, now that we have looked at the ingredients, let’s turn to the next question…

What is Different About 4 Gauge Pre-Workout?

Let’s be honest here, there are many hundreds of supplements claiming to give you the best pre-workout ever, and also making plenty of other wild claims, so what is it that makes 4 Gauge different?

We think it’s a combination of the fact that the ingredients are impressive, entirely natural, and have been put together to create a set and specific effect.

For example, the use of caffeine and L-Theanine together creates what is sometimes referred to as ‘smart-caffeine’. This was new to us, so we had a good look at what it’s all about.

Apparently, it provides an effect that is similar to the focus-enhancing effect of caffeine but without the need for a massive dose of caffeine itself.

So, the first difference to many other such supplements lies in the dosage; with 4 Gauge the doses are lower, meaning that when you get used to using the product, and should you think you need it, it is safe to take two doses at once, to gain a bigger hit.

Not many other products of this type can give you that option.

We also liked the fact that Roar Ambition have laid everything on the line; all the ingredients are explained, the product of those ingredients is also described, and they are upfront and open about everything.

We found the openness extremely refreshing, especially in a market in which everything is often shrouded in secrecy.

Side Effects

We will keep this brief because, given the nature of the elements that go into 4 Gauge, the chance of side-effects is very slim to non-existent.

There are no dairy products involved, nor do any of the ingredients contain wheat or gluten. There is also no soy, sweeteners or artificial flavors. This all points towards zero chance of side-effects.

As we stated in the introduction, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients – caffeine perhaps, which is not unusual – then this is not for you, so check the label carefully again and make sure you are aware of what you are allergic to.

Moving on, you probably want to know what 4 Gauge tastes like; as we’ve tried it, you’re in the right place to find out!

Taste and Flavors

Before we continue, a little recap: as we said just before, there are no artificial flavors involved in the 4 Gauge Pre-Workout ingredients, so what you are getting is the natural taste.

Our verdict? It’s actually rather nice, which is not something that can be said about every workout supplement.

A little more detail may be needed here! 4 Gauge is sold in one flavor, and they call it ‘Fruit Blast’. This is apt, as the flavor is primarily derived from the fruit essences – remember the watermelon – and herbs.

The overall result is a flavor that is somewhat sweet, but not to a sickly level. Yet, within the fruity elements, it also has a sour taste so you could say it’s ‘sweet and sour’.

The sweetness comes not from added sweeteners, but from the natural plant extracts, and it is on the right level. It is easy to take, and even those who don’t like sweet things will find it perfectly palatable.

Compared to many similar products, we have found them generally to be bitter and not at all appetizing. This one you will be quite happy to take, and while we know that flavor is not the critical factor here, it does help when you want to double dose or are using it on a regular basis.

It represents a change from many of the entirely unnaturally sweet products that are being sold in the market, so gets a thumb up from us.

Usage and Dosage

We’ve already looked in depth at what 4 Gauge pre-workout is used for, so we thought we’d tell you a bit more about how and when to use it.

It’s straightforward and somewhat similar to many other products of this kind, so here goes!

4 Gauge Scoop

The label on the very cool and well-presented shotgun cartridge design tin is very clear and easy to follow, and we found it made things even more simple.

The advice is to mix one serving with water or – if you prefer – with flavoured juice and take it between 25-30 minutes in advance of beginning your workout.

While we found the flavor palatable, you might not. If you don’t like it all that much, you can take it with orange or apple juice instead of water.

Now, when we tried it out, we began to feel the effect of the supplement building up around 10-15 minutes after use. At 20 minutes the impact was in full flow.

Even though we didn’t necessarily feel the kick or get the extra urge after we had it, consuming it certainly helped improve our focus and concentration at the gym for about an hour.

That’s certainly plenty of time to enjoy a comprehensive workout once you’ve taken the supplement.

For the record, it comes out of the mix – you can mix it in a glass, there’s no need for a shaker – with a pink tinge, which we reckon is down to the beetroot extract, but the color is not your top priority here!

We mentioned earlier that, unlike many supplements on the market, with 4 Gauge you can take more than one dose, as the ingredients are natural.

However, after trying it – and finding it very potent and effective – we recommend you stick to one serving to begin with and decide in future if you need to take more (and to be honest, we really doubt that many people will need more than one dose).

One thing we found when we looked for other people’s experience with 4 Gauge was that there were no reported ‘energy crashes’ as you get with some of these booster supplements.

Also, the overall consensus was a big thumbs up – apart from one thing: where you can order it.

Where Can You Buy It?

Here’s the rub: 4 Gauge is only available from the maker, Roar Ambition. It is not available in any retail outlets anywhere in the world, so yes you can’t buy 4 Gauge on Amazon!

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing – many of us do shop online – but it will put some people off.

Nevertheless, there are deals you can take advantage of – you get free shipping worldwide when you order 3 or more bottles – and the shopping portal is safe and secure and easy to use.

4 Gauge Pre-Supplements deal

<strong>Get Free Shipping: When ordering 3 or more</strong>

Alternatively, you can also buy 4 Gauge at the Roar Ambition website:

As for value for money, this is not a budget product; you will pay a premium price – we won’t publish it here as it may change from the time of writing – but you should expect to for a product that, we believe, does the job it claims to do.

You should know that one bottle provides 20 servings, so you should get a few sessions out of three bottles, for example.

So, does 4 Gauge Pre-Workout supplement work? Here is our final summing up.

Our Findings and Conclusion

Our energy levels were boosted
Our fatigue was eradicated
Our focus was definitely enhanced
Our energy crashes were non-existent
We experienced no side effects
Natural ingredients
5 calories for one serving
Not the cheapest pre-workout in the market
4 Gauge is only available from the manufacturer
Postage can take quite a while

We’ve told you all you need to know about the product, now a bit about what we found when we used it. So, here’s a few points:

  • We found that energy levels were indeed boosted and fatigue eradicated.
  • It gave us a feeling of being able to conquer the workout, a very positive mindset.
  • The focus was definitely enhanced beyond the norm.
  • Energy crashes were non-existent.
  • We experienced no side effects.
  • We appreciated the natural ingredients, and also that it is only 5 calories for one serving.

So, overall, 4 Gauge does what it says on the tin. Are there any drawbacks? A couple, which are:

  • It is not the cheapest pre-workout in the market, but premium products attract premium prices.
  • 4 Gauge is only available from the manufacturer (yes, it’s not available on Amazon) and postage can take quite a while.

That’s about it, so now for our final comments about the 4 Gauge Pre-Workout energy supplement.

4 Gauge Pre-Workouts
4 Gauge is great for cyclists and runners, too!

The Final Word

In a market that is saturated with supplements making wild and often unproven claims, 4 Gauge soars on a number of levels.

First, Roar Ambition’s transparent and open approach, with all the details of the ingredients easy to see and find out about, and the commitment to natural ingredients is admirable and welcome.

The ingredients have been carefully researched and work well together – the ‘smart caffeine’ effect is one that we are impressed by – and the claims of banishing fatigue, adding endurance and enhancing focus during a workout were certainly evident in our experience of using the product.

Looking at their testimonial page, we’re certainly not the only ones who feel that way!

You can take more than one dose at a time if you want, as it is entirely natural, and we found it to be a viable and usable product. And, to top it all, the shotgun cartridge jar is very cool!

Product website to buy or to find out more information:

<strong>Order 4 Gauge Pre-workout</strong>


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