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Best Exercise Bikes: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews [Updated]

Best Exercise Bike

Going to the gym is a tough task, especially if you are more of a solitary exerciser. Say goodbye to listening to your ever-so-eager trainer and all the sweaty strangers surrounding you.

Getting the best exercise bike means you can keep your body in shape without spending too much on the monthly gym subscriptions.

We have sifted through several products and compiled a list of 10 best exercise bikes that you can buy for home workouts.

What is an exercise bike?

An exercise bike is a stationary bike where you are not going anywhere but can do the pedaling to burn a good bit of calories.

These exercise bikes are slightly different from the spin bikes that come with larger flywheel. The exercise bike has pedals, a saddle, and a kind of handlebar just like a regular bicycle would have.

This exercising equipment resembles a bike that doesn’t have wheels.

The Best Exercise Bikes Currently on the Market

Without further ado, here’s our curated list of the best exercise bikes currently on the market.

1. Marcy ME-709  – (Best Recumbent Exercise Bike)


Marcy ME 709 Exercise Bike

The pedal and foot straps provide a firm grip to our foot
The LCD screen displays different real-time workout metrics
We can adjust the length of the exercise bike from 39-inches to 49-inches
Ergonomically designed seat padded with high-density foam for extra comfort and support

The screen does not show our pulse rate
Need to purchase the Batteries 2 AA separately

Marcy has used heavy-duty material to construct this recumbent exercise bike. The compact design of the ME-709 easily fits into any small spaces.

The best thing about this recumbent exercise bike is that it comes with a limited 2-year warranty. Additionally, we can adjust its magnetic resistance as our requirements because it is featuring eight preset levels.

A display screen on Marcy’s handle shows us workout metrics. These metrics include distance, speed, time, and calories burned. It also features a padded and comfortable seat that provides comfort and support simultaneously.

Moreover, the handles have also attached with the seat that provides additional support to our arm and back. The foot strap provides a proper position to our foot, and the pedal balances the weight for enhancing the comfort level.

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2. DeskCycle Desk Bike  


DeskCycle Exercise Bike

We can use it while reading books, or any time we are sitting on our desk
The DeskCycle exercise bike improves our energy level and productivity
The magnetic resistance exercise bike will not disturb our coworker
We can use the activity-logging web app to view our progress and log our daily activities
Adjustable pedal height

The android user cannot use its app for recording and viewing activity log
We can only use it when we are sitting, not standing

This exercise bike is not only for losing weight, but we can also use it to improve our health, and enhances productivity. We can burn extra calories while using this DeskCycle under the desk with ease.

The low cardio zone workout enhances our energy level as well as provides enough oxygen to our brain without any distraction. It features the magnetic resistance that works quietly and will not disturb our co-workers.

Furthermore, it can track more than 1000-minutes activity and shows it to us on the display screen. We can also use a built-in Kensington slot for locking our bike with the desk.

The pedals come with comfortable straps that can easily fit in any sized shoes. We can also adjust the pedal height from 10-inches to 27-inch and its resistance level according to our needs.

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3. Sunny Health and Fitness Bike  


Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Bike

The handlebar is two-way adjustable
Adjustable height using a specific knob
Place our water bottle in the water hold
Sturdy construction using heavy-duty materials
We can push the emergency brake in case of an emergency
Adjustable seat in 4-ways.

It does not have an LCD screen

Bright Health and Fitness bike is the best home exercise bike because it is quiet, works smoothly, and makes multiple exercises effective and convenient. The manufacturer uses a heavy-duty 49-lb flywheel. The steel frame provides a stable and sturdy structure.

We can use its adjustable seat feature to adjust the seat in four ways, such as forward, backward, upward, or downward. The weight limit of this indoor cycling bike is 275 lbs.

The transport wheels make it highly portable. Tilt and roll out for placing it in the right place without any muscle strain or heavy lifting.

The Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bikes are accessible in two styles belt and chain. It is equipped with a resistance system that gives us real road feelings.

In case of emergency, we can push the emergency brake, which stops the bike belt immediately.

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4. Vive Pedal Bike  


Vive Pedal Exerciser

The one-touch multi-functional LCD screen shows time, RPM, distance, burned calories, and speed
Adjustable resistance level according to our preferable exercises such as arm exercises or leg exercises
Non-slippery pedals for extra safety and comfort
The slim and portable design makes it easy to use under the desk for legs workout and over the desk for arms workout
Easy assembling

The foot straps are not adjustable
It does not work properly on carpets

We can tone and strengthen our muscles by using the Vive pedal exerciser. The compact design permits us to place it anywhere in-home or office. It has a comfortable and non-slippery pedal bar.

We can also place it over the table for toning our arms. Now we can confidently do low-impact arm exercise, and other legs exercise correctly.

It does not produce any sound that disturbs our co-workers. Therefore, we can use it while reading a book, using a laptop or phone, office, playing video games and at home.

The company chooses the low-profile design to prevent it from sliding or wobbling while it is in use. We can adjust the resistance level as per our requirements.

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5. Exerpeutic Gold 500XLS Upright Bike  


Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright Bike

Adjust the highest eight-level for challenging ourselves for the workout
The transportation wheel permits us to relocate the machine with ease
The 3-piece Cranking system offers a consistent and smooth pedaling motion
The heart pulse sensors placed on the handlebars can monitor our heart rate

Not suitable if you are a little short in height

Exerpeutic is manufactured using a high sturdiness steel frame that can bear more than 400 lbs of weight. Moreover, it has a large padded cushion seat that provides ultimate comfort.

We can adjust the seat according to our height. The maximum height of seat adjustment is 6-feet 5-inch.

The Exerpeutic upright bike shows our heart rate while exercising. It also features the Magnetic Tension Control System that permits us to adjust its resistance level.

A large LCD screen displays burned calories, time, scan, pulse, odometer, speed, and distance. The compact design and transportation wheels make it easy to relocate it from one room to another.

We can fold it into half size that makes it even more compact and easy to store it in any storage place.

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6. Schwinn 130 Upright Bike  


Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

The sturdy frame and integrated levelers deliver excellent stability to the bike
The handlebars are adjustable for the relaxed riding position
Sensors monitor our heart pulse during a workout
We can choose 01- level to 20-level of resistance according to our workout

It does not feature Bluetooth connectivity
The seat is not comfortable for the cardio workout

Schwinn upright exercise bike provides 20-levels of resistance. It means we have plenty of options to do different kinds of workouts.

It has a padded seat that enhances the comfort level as well as provides excellent support while exercising. We can also exchange its contoured seat with any rail bicycle and clamp seat.

Using its Goal tracking feature, we can set our exercise goals such as distance, calories, and time.

The adjustable handlebars allow us to adjust the angle of the handlebars for a relaxed riding position. The sensors on the handlebars also monitor our heart rate.

The combination of two integrated levelers and sturdy frames provides stability to the bike. Furthermore, it is equipped with a streamlined console that displays 22-preset programs of exercise.

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7. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike – AIR 1 


Marcy AIR-1 Upright Exercise Bike

The steel frame enhances the bike’s durability and performance
Its dual-action arms are useful for our upper body exercise
The bike features a fan for resistance instead of a flywheel
The seat is easy to adjust according to your height and comfort

The seat is tilted at an awkward angle

This Marcy upright exercise bike has a premium quality stainless steel frame that provides sturdy construction. Marcy has used 14-gauge tubing of steel, and it is scratch resistant as well.

This bike also comes with dual action arms for exercise. It is an excellent option to keep our upper body active. We can also target specific muscles according to our priorities.

The resistance system of this bike features a fan that will increase the resistance as we pedal quicker. Additionally, it will release cold air to keep us comfortable during a workout.

A high-quality LCD monitor works as our odometer. It will display all the information we need regarding our activities. With its fully adjustable seat, we can make our riding experience comfortable.

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8. ProGear 225 Exercise Bike 


ProGear Upright Bike

Suitable for a high-performance activity
The compact design makes it ideal for space-saving
The foldable design makes it effortless to fold and store
Eight adjustable tension controls provide us with different intensity levels for our workout
The ergonomic seat won’t cause any pain or itches during the workout

The bike starts to create a bit of noise over time.

The ProGear exercise bike is a suitable option if we live in a small apartment and don’t have much space. It can easily monitor our heart rate and provide an opportunity to choose between different magnetic tensions rates for our activity.

Apart from the heart rate monitor, the screen displays the number of calories burned, speed, distance, pulse, time, and much more.

With its ergonomic design, we can adjust its height according to our requirements. The bike features a flywheel with the dual transmission.

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9. Stamina Elite Recumbent Bike  


Stamina Elite Recumbent Bike

The electronic display provides us with all the information we need during our workout.
The angled backrest makes it easy to ride.
The seat is straightforward to adjust, and it also feels pretty comfortable.
Suitable for both lower and upper body fitness.

Its hand grips are too low that your knees may get in touch with the handlebars.

Stamina Elite bike has magnetic resistance, and its design features an angled backrest. The design also adds sturdiness and longevity to its overall performance.

The electronic display of this bike can display a variety of information. This includes speed data, heart rate, calories burned, workout time, and distance.

With its lower foot pedals and upper hand pedals, we are all set for a full-body workout right in the comfort of our home. The seat of this bike is very comfortable and fully padded. We can comfortably ride on it for long-hour activities.

The weight of this exercise bike is around 117 pounds, so this is not going to be that easy to move.

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10. Xspec Stationary Cardio Bike  


Xspec Exercise Bike

The use of heavy-duty steel material to construct its frame provides excellent stability at any surface.
We can do multiple workouts on the Xspec stationary upright bike because it has eight level control systems.
It comes with a compact design so we can fold, store and relocate it quickly.
The large ergonomic cushioned seat with a height adjustment feature enhances comfort.
The LCD screen displays workout metrics.

It is not much smooth and quiet as compared to other exercise bikes

Last but not least, the Xspec exercise bike makes an appearance on our list of best exercise bikes. Xspec is ideal for shorter people because the seat height is adjustable from 4-foot 20-inch to 5-foot 9-inch.

The handlebars have ergonomically designed, and pulse sensors are equipped in it. These sensors monitor our heart rate timely during the workout. It also has a holder where we can place our tablet of a phone with ease.

The Magnetic Tension-control system has eight levels that permit us a versatile workout. The combination of strap and pedal provides stability to our feet and delivers ideal support while exercising.

Due to its foldable and compact design, we can easily fold it and store it. The transportation wheels make it easy to relocate this exercise bike.

A well-padded seat enhances the comfort level. We can also adjust the height of the seat according to our requirements.

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How to find the right exercise bike for you?

With so many brands and overwhelming products, it has become quite challenging to find the right exercise bike for you. They all vary in terms of construction and features. To find the best exercise bike for yourself, first, you need to underline what are the critical features of an exercise bike for you.

When you understand what you want to achieve with your exercise bike, then finding the right kind of product will become a lot easier. Here are some of the critical features that you need to consider before buying the best exercise bike for yourself.

1. Style

There are three different styles of exercise bikes:

  • Recumbent
  • Upright
  • Spinning

The recumbent bikes enable you to sit in a reclined position in a broader seat. It is a good option for those people who are suffering from any mechanical low back pain.

The upright bikes are the most common of all designs of these bikes. It is a compact design and serves to be an excellent space-saving option.

The third type is the spinning bikes, and these are the ones that you will find in those cycling studios. The spinning bikes are more focused on enabling you to do highly intense cardio.

2. Weight of the flywheel

A flywheel is a mechanism inside your exercise bike. The weight of this flywheel tells us how comfortable a ride on such bikes is going to be. And what is the level of fluidity when the bike is in motion?

If the weight is higher, then the ride is going to be very smooth and comfortable. If you are a beginner, then the best flywheel weight for you ranges between 15 to 22 pounds. The more advanced or experienced riders will prefer to go for a 33 pounds flywheel or higher.

3. Programming and display

An exercise bike must have good quality display and programming functions. Some bikes would only come with a few options for resistance, as well as some basic measurements.

But if you are looking for a more feature-friendly option, then you can also find various display units providing you with information on calories burned, heart rate monitoring and different other info.

4. Noise resistance

Since exercise bikes tend to make noise, make sure to bring home a quite exercise bike. Many bikes come with their motors and machinery encased to reduce noise levels.

A bike that doesn’t make a loud noise is not only the best home exercise bike but is also the best exercise bike overall.

5. Weight limit

One of the critical factors to consider here is that you must also consider the weight limit of a bike. Riding above the specified weight limits will impair its overall operational capabilities in the long run. To prevent this, you need to buy an exercise bike that can bear heavyweight.

6. Additional features

Many bikes have a bottle holder to keep you going without breaking the rhythm when you feel thirsty. Some bikes feature inbuilt media ports for you to hear music during your activity. While others come with fans to cool you off during your activity.

Types of exercise bikes

  • Upright exercise bikes

Upright exercise bikes have a design that matches the free bicycles for roads. They have a conventional bicycle seat present right over the pedals. The handlebars are almost parallel with the seat.

These bikes need you to bend forward with the hand on the bars during pedaling. These bikes are straightforward to use but have an uncomfortable design.

  • Recumbent exercise bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes are also prevalent, but they don’t have a mimicking designing of a road bike. These bikes have a lot more laid back construction to keep you in a comfortable position.

The saddle design resembles more with a chair. You won’t need any handlebars when you are riding your recumbent bike.

  • Indoor cycling exercise bikes

If you are looking for workouts that are most close to the real-time rides on your road bikes, then you need to go for an indoor cycling exercise bike!

They have a design that is smack right between the upright and recumbent bikes. But under-the-hood- working and mechanism of these bikes are completely different.

These bikes have weighted flywheel that you can adjust with knobs for simulating wind resistance and hills, and there is no motor. They are more realistic and close to outdoor bikes, but you will feel uncomfortable riding them.

  • Dual-action stationary exercise bikes

This is farthest in design to a traditional outdoor bike. But this design can provide your legs with a killer workout. It provides you with an intense upper body workout.

These bikes have some similar features to recumbent and upright design but also have moving handlebars.

You can move these bars just like you can move the pedals. You will feel the resistance when you pull or push the handlebars during your activity.

Exercise bike benefits

Riding the exercise bike is an effective way of burning calories and losing weight. It also allows us to strengthen our muscles, heart, and lungs. These bikes will not put so much stress on our joints, but we will still have a good quality workout with it.

Here are some of the benefits of riding these exercise bikes:

  • Helps in boosting cardio fitness

Using exercise bikes can be very useful in promoting our cardio fitness. It will get our heart pumping in no time. As it is a healthy aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, it is going to make our lungs and heart more healthy.

With improved blood circulation, there will be an increased amount of oxygen supply available to our entire body.

It can improve our memory and brain functions. Furthermore, it can prove to be beneficial in lowering our blood pressure and improving our deep sleep. Our immune system will be stronger, and our body will have improved energy levels.

  • Promote weight loss

Riding your exercise bike can be very useful if you’re looking for an activity to lose some weight. It will enable you to lose up to 600 calories per hour.

  • Burns your body fat

If we work out at a high intensity, then we lose fat and build strength. Indoor cycling that goes with a low-calorie diet is going to be very useful to burn some extra fat on our body. It is also instrumental in reducing the cholesterol levels along with the triglyceride.

  • Good option as a low-impact workout

Cycling is one of the low impact workouts because it doesn’t feature any sharp movements. It will prove to be useful in improving the joints and bones as the activity will not put them under much pressure.

If you have any joint issues or have suffered from any pains or injuries then this activity is going to be very useful for you in the long run.

  • Improves the muscles in your lower body

Cycling is beneficial when it comes to improving the overall condition of our muscles in the lower body section. This will work even better if we go for higher resistance during the activity.

Our quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves will become stronger, and it will gradually work on improving our body’s core.

  • Safer than outdoor road cycling

If you are looking to go cycling in the outdoors then the activity is going to be very helpful for you. But you are exposed to specific hazards as well. You have to deal with inattentive drivers, uneven surfaces as well as reduced visibility.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to muster any motivation if the weather conditions are slightly off. All of these issues are not there when you are going to perform this activity in the comfort of your home and according to a schedule that you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best exercise bike to lose weight?

When it comes to finding the best exercise bike to lose weight, it all boils down to how much effort you are willing to put in and what are your consumption patterns. All types of exercise bikes have the same potential to burn your calories.

They all differ in terms of size, weight, design, and working. You have to put in the effort and also take control of what you are eating if you are taking fewer calories and burning more than your weight loss regime will be more successful.

What’s the difference between an exercise bike and a spinning bike?

Stationary exercise bikes have a design that is close to an outdoor bike, and their function is much similar fashion as well. However, on a spin bike, you can easily stand up while pedaling because of its different flywheel mechanism.

These bikes can support heavier flywheel, and you will have to apply more effort during your activities.

How long should I ride an exercise bike?

It will work as a workout for your entire body. Biking on the road can only work for your lower body section. You must plan to get on your exercise bike and pedal it for at least about thirty to sixty minutes.

You can do this for at least three to five days throughout the week. Make sure to start all your session with a warm-up and pedal at a slow but steady pace for five to ten minutes in the beginning.

Is it better to walk on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike?

When you do your activity on a stationary bike with a moderate amount of effort, you will be able to burn at least 596 calories per hour. If you do walking for the same period, then you can only burn around 298 calories per hour.

This difference is quite significant if we add up the number of a week or a month. So it is better to ride a stationary bike as compared to walking on a treadmill.

Our verdict

Overall, the winner of this roundup of the best exercise bike is the Marcy Recumbent ME-709 exercise bike. It has a very heavy-duty construction with the 14-gauge tubing of powder-coated steel.

With its step-through design, you can do your activity with maximum mobility.

The bike features quick mounting/demounting that will not put much strain on your back and knees. This bike comes with eight different resistance levels.

You can pick anyone according to your needs. The user-friendly computer screen displays all the information.

So which one of these exercise bikes have you used? Didn’t we mention your favorite exercise bike? Let us know by leaving your comment in the section below, and we will get in touch with you in no time!

Ride on!

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