PhenQ Review 2020 – Should You Believe The Hype?

PhenQ Fat Burner Supplement

When you read the product label for PhenQ, you can’t help but be amazed. It sounds like everything you could ever wish for in a fat-burning pill.

It sounded so good; in fact, everyone on the team wanted to try it, even those happy with their weight.

However, fat burning pills are a dime a dozen. Just because the company says it’s great doesn’t mean we have to take them at their word.

So, we had to dig in with our independent research, and what we found was pretty impressive.

PhenQ is a natural food supplement that helps you burn fat by targeting five specific areas. The result is a balanced pill which combined with a healthy lifestyle, can indeed help you shed the pounds.

The makers of PhenQ are so sure of their product they offer an audacious 60-day money-back guarantee! This requires you to get at least two months’ supply, which comes with a free bottle.

You can visit their website to check out the package deal and the money-back guarantee. Quite frankly, this seemed like a no brainer.

But if you’re not easily convinced, we understand, hence the review. Below, we share our findings of the ingredients, side effects, efficacy (backed by science), and price.

How does PhenQ work?

To lose weight, you need to be doing one of two things: exercising a lot or eating less of the bad stuff (carbs primarily). If you do both, then you lose weight quicker.

The problem, however, is that when you start exercising, you naturally tend to eat more. Or is it just us?

And when you eat less, you feel you don’t have the energy to exercise! So, it’s a catch-22 situation.

You can always eat more protein when you work out and eat carbs at the right time blah blah blah! Long story short, it’s not that simple.

Until PhenQ.

PhenQ Website

Check out their website here:


With so many factors affecting weight loss, it is difficult to target one without being sabotaged by the others. An effective solution, therefore, should neutralize all possible threats.

That is what PhenQ tries to do. PhenQ helps you get your summer body by combining a few nifty tricks:

  • Burn Fat – this is the primary aim of weight loss pills. PhenQ accomplishes this by boosting your metabolism and thermogenic rates.
  • Prevent fat production – isn’t it annoying when you put on weight after losing it? Well, PhenQ has ingredients to stop that.
  • Suppress your appetite – this is another typical angle for weight loss pills. Without a ravenous appetite, you can conquer the world, of exercise.
  • Boost your energy – fewer carbs means less fuel, right? Not with PhenQ.
  • Improve your mood – no more hangry pangs. If you can be happy with less food in your system, you’ve won the war!

As terrific as all these sounds, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the ingredients.

It is important to emphasize that even if PhenQ does as advertised, you still need a healthy diet and exercise. If, for example, it does suppress your appetite, but you force yourself to eat the super-sized portions, nothing will change.

That being said, let’s proceed to the ingredients.

PhenQ Ingredients

For all that talk of fat burning and energy boosting etc., we have to rely on science. What we are looking for are the ingredients, the dosage, and their proven benefits.

PhenQ is transparent about all of its ingredients, unlike other fat-burning supplements on the market. However, the website does state that it is a proprietary blend as it contains Magnesium Stearate.

PhenQ Ingredients

Magnesium Stearate is a fine white powder that is added to foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. It is generally recognized as safe to consume, however; ingesting too much can cause diarrhea (so follow the serving size on the back of the bottle).

Apart from that, here is what you’ll find:

Calcium (230mg)

First up, we have calcium at a whopping 230 mg per serving. You are expected to take two pills a day, so you’ll consume 460mg of calcium supplement daily.

Given that calcium is a natural supplement, we know that, at the very least, it has no side effects. We also know the benefits of calcium to bone health, heart rhythm, and protection against cancer.

When it comes to weight loss; however, the jury is still out. One study suggested that calcium supplements can increase fecal fat excretion.

It is unclear if the addition of calcium is to help weight loss or support heart health when you exercise. To reach an effective limit, you need to consume three times as much as is found in PhenQ.

This means loading up on dairy, broccoli, kale, and tofu.

Chromium picolinate (80mg)

Next, we have chromium picolinate, another natural supplement. PhenQ says on their webpage that chromium helps the body absorb more carbs and fight sugar cravings.

Chromium is used in many fat burning pills to help control blood sugar levels. Theoretically, it should help regulate insulin and thus reduce the amount of fat stored in the body.

While the research on this has been insufficient to conclude, some evidence supports this. One study found noticeable weight loss after 12-16 weeks of use.

A study by Cornell University concluded that chromium helped suppress carb cravings in people with depression.

L-carnitine fumarate (150mg)

I don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of L-carnitine fumarate! Yup, that’s the look we had when we first heard about it.

Unlike the previous ingredients, research on L-carnitine fumarate is more affirmative. A study published in the World Obesity journal concluded that L-carnitine has a significant impact on weight loss.

However, the researchers warned that the effect wanes after prolonged use.

Caffeine anhydrous (100mg)

Another staple ingredient in weight loss pills is caffeine. Caffeine gives you an energy boost, which should keep you going even on a relatively empty stomach.

While caffeine may not suppress appetite, it does help thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the amount of heat your body generates.

More heat means more calories being burnt. Caffeine also increases adrenaline, which further breaks down fat.

A paper in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that 100mg of caffeine could help burn up to 150kcal. This is half of the daily dose in PhenQ.

Nopal cactus fiber (20mg)

Everybody needs a bit of nopal cactus fiber in their diet.

This is another medically proven weight-loss agent, according to the Current Therapeutic Research journal. Cactus fiber increases fecal fat excretion.

However, the dosage tested was much higher – 3,000 mg per day, compared to 60mg for Phenq.

Capsimax™ Plus Blend (50mg)

Caffeine anhydrous, Capsimax™ capsicum fruit extract (2% capsaicinoids), Niacin, Black pepper fruit extract (50% piperine)

Capsimax is a trademark product, but PhenQ was kind enough to share what goes into their variant.

We have already covered the benefits of caffeine. The capsicum and black pepper stimulate thermogenesis, which burns fat.

Research proves that capsaicin also improves fat oxidation or the rate at which the body burns up fat for fuel. With dual fat-burning power, what more do you need?

Niacin, that’s what. Niacin is a form of Vitamin B-3, which acts as an energy boost,

What you will notice from the benefits of Capsimax is that it is reliant on exercise. Your body will oxidize fat as you exercise, and niacin will give you the energy to work out.

So, all the goodies from this super-ingredient will be wasted without adequate physical training.

α-Lacys RESET® (25mg)

Combination of alpha-lipoic acid and L-cysteine

Finally, we come to the last primary ingredient, one which PhenQ swears by, and we can see why.

One study showed that alpha-lipoic acid could stimulate dramatic weight loss. It does this by suppressing AMPK sensors in the body, which in turn suppresses hunger.

Another study said the impact on weight loss is slim.

Besides advantages such as protecting the digestive system and reducing the risk of stroke, L-cysteine also plays a vital role in weight loss.

An extensive study found that L-cysteine protects the body during oxidation (fat burning). So, while not contributing directly, it helps the body when we burn fat rapidly.

We assume this is the mood-enhancement ingredient.

The final ingredient in α-Lacys RESET® is magnesium, which helps us sleep better and prevents fluid retention.

Put all of these ingredients together, and we have a supplement that boosts metabolism, thermogenesis, and oxidation. It also enhances the mood and provides additional benefits like a stronger digestive system, stronger bones, and cancer resistance.

Read more about PhenQ ingredients here:


Side effects

Because PhenQ is a food supplement with all-natural ingredients, the company says it has no side effects. This might be hard to believe, but our research supports it so far.

Although, a clinical trial reported that some individuals had gastrointestinal discomfort – bloating when given capsaicin.

If bloating is the only “side-effect” there is, hats off to PhenQ!

What you should also consider is if you react to any of the ingredients.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience anxiety, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, and jitteriness. Even if you don’t take PhenQ at night, it might still affect sleep-quality.

Another ingredient you might react to is capsaicin. While the quantity used is little, you may still experience stomach pain, diarrhea, or excessive sweating.

As with all pills, consult your doctor before combining PhenQ with regular meds or undergoing surgery.


Tackles multiple weight-loss needs
Encourages an active lifestyle
Just one pill does it all
Great money-back policy
Made in FDA regulated facilities


Premium product without the package deals
You can only buy from their website
Some ingredients have disputable benefits


Usage & Dosage

PhenQ is a recommended supplement only for those above the age of 18. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and anyone on medication should consult their doctor before using the fat burner.

The bottle comes with 60 tablets to last you thirty days. PhenQ recommends that you take one pill with breakfast and another with lunch.

While there are fat burners you can take on an empty stomach, this isn’t one of them. Some people feel sick when they take fat burners without feeding, so it’s best to avoid that.

Since the pill contains caffeine, you’re advised not to take it after 3 pm, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. You should also cut down your coffee intake if you are sensitive to caffeine and are taking PhenQ.

PhenQ shouldn’t be taken at night, but if you missed dosage and you’re sure it won’t affect your sleep, go for it!

If you experience any unbearable side effects, then you should discontinue the pill or take just one a day. However, if you have mild bloating or you’re sweating a bit more than usual, you should be okay.

Sweating is a sign the pill is working!

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Where can you buy PhenQ?

The only place to buy PhenQ is their website. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

At least this way you know you are getting the original product. The problem is that it is not available in stores near you.

However, you get free international shipping with all orders.

Is it a good value for the money?

At $80 a pop, PhenQ is way over-priced. However, the price comes down considerably when you buy more than one.

When you purchase two bottles, you get one free. The company also runs frequent sales – check to see if one is happening right now.

PhenQ offers

With three bottles, you get two free and a bonus product called Advana Cleanse. The value for money is excellent for all multi-purchases.

Every order comes with free international shipping and of course, their 60-day money-back guarantee.

Order from their website:


Does it work?

Based on the testimonials on their website, we can say for sure that it works great.

PhenQ Testimonials

Please bear in mind that NO weight-loss pill is effective without a healthy diet and exercise. In a month, one user lost 11 pounds, while another dropped 9.

In three months, a lady was able to drop 44 pounds, while another lost 20. PhenQ will give your body the encouragement to eat less and exercise more, but you have to let it.

Of course, your body’s biological makeup has something to do with it. It is possible you don’t respond to fat burners or PhenQ in particular.

It’s the same way some people can fall asleep after drinking a cup of coffee (guilty). However, this is unlikely given the great combination of ingredients.

You are advised to track your feeding and exercise habits while you take the pill. This will help you know if your work-out stamina is improving, and you’re eating less but feeling fuller.

The bottom line is your body and lifestyle choices will determine the efficacy of this pill.

Check out the customer reviews for yourself:



How much should I order?

The pricing of the bottles encourages you to buy three (two, but one comes free). This is because it takes roughly 6o days to form a new habit.

The makers hope you reach your desired weight in 60 days and use the remaining 30 days to maintain it.

How should I take PhenQ?

As PhenQ is a food supplement, you are expected to take it with your meal. Take one pill with breakfast and the second with lunch.

It is not advisable to take it on an empty stomach or at night, due to the caffeine count.

Who should not take PhenQ?

PhenQ is suitable for adults above the age of 18 only. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to see their physician before they take PhenQ.

If you are also on any form of medication, you should seek your doctor’s approval first.

Our verdict

PhenQ is a fantastic product. This is backed up by countless positive reviews of the product by its customers. It is also manufactured in Food and Drug (FDA) and Good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulated facilities. That gives us confidence that the product does as it describes.

While we may be on the fence regarding some of its purported benefits, this is one of the better weight-loss pills on the market.

If you’re looking for a pill that will encourage you to work out, we recommend PhenQ.

We love the combined benefits of fat reduction, energy boost, mood improvement, appetite reduction, and reduced fat production.

This is a well-rounded pill, and we hope many consumers continue to share their great testimonials about it.

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Editor's Choice
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