Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Review

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Review

Not everyone is aware of the vital role that testosterone plays in not only physical health but also mental health.

Like all hormones, it serves to regulate different functions throughout the body and specifically in men; it maintains sex drive, sperm production, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, bone density, and red blood cell production.

Its production increases during puberty and trails off after thirty, but can decline more extremely in some cases, and it has been linked to depression and other problems.

The physical changes that can result from low testosterone production are some of the problems that people are trying to address with physical exercise.

You may find yourself with increased body fat, decreased strength and muscle mass, fragile bones, increased fatigue, and an effect on cholesterol metabolism.

Performance Lab as a company has an excellent reputation for very carefully sourcing each of the ingredients that they put into their formulas, and it makes a lot of sense that with multiple changes already occurring in the body, where you need a t-booster, you would want natural ingredients that work with, rather than against the body.

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Increased testosterone, in and of itself, is a critical ingredient in the effectiveness of exercise, is produced by exercise, and can be lowered by lack of exercise. So, finding something that effectively helps you regulate the levels of testosterone in your body is no small thing.

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster looks to do it comprehensively and safely.

Check out their website:

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Website

How Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster works

Performance Lab T-Booster looks at all the sites of the body where testosterone is produced, and all of the different aspects of your biology that contribute to the regulation of testosterone levels in your body and it works to enhance their production.

It does this by using ingredients that are proven to stimulate testosterone production, each ingredient targeting a specific part in the body.

It is a multi-faceted approach that also tackles those hormones which may reduce production or that promote the loss of testosterone as well.

In men over 30, there is an increase of testosterone being converted into estrogen, and this is handled as well.

All of these ingredients are designed to raise your testosterone levels and maintain a masculine hormone state, which promotes muscle growth, anabolic growth, and virility.

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The Performance LAB T-Booster Formula & Ingredients

Each of the ingredients in this formula is carefully sourced and tested – below, we outline how these ingredients work and contribute to the overall efficacy of the formula.

Ashwagandha – the Ayurvedic root has been traditionally used for physical and mental performance enhancement, and it may be that it also helps increase testosterone production [1].

It does this by making the testosterone less susceptible to degradation caused by stress. It stimulates both Luteinizing and Follicle-Stimulating hormone, which are triggers for testosterone production.

Add to that its function of targeting free radicals that attack and degrade the testes, testosterone, and sperm, and you have a powerful ally in testosterone production.

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate – (D-AA-CC) is an amino acid that regulates your body’s production of sex hormones.

This is important in testosterone production because it stimulates the pituitary gland to release more luteinizing hormone, and that triggers testosterone production.

It also tells the hypothalamus to transmit gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which signals for more luteinizing hormone and follicle hormone, which again increases the amount of testosterone being produced.

Mucuna Pruriens – (standardized for min. 15% levodopa) has a wonderfully romantic-sounding name – the Velvet Bean. It again is beneficial in getting your body to pump out more testosterone.

It talks to the brain and gets it to release gonadotropin, the pituitary to release luteinizing hormone, and the testes to produce more testosterone.

Throw into the mix the fact that it inhibits prolactin, a hormone that decreases testosterone, and you can see why it is a vital ingredient.

Luteolin – (from orange fruit extract), rather than causing testosterone to be produced, guards against already created testosterone from being converted into estrogen.

This is a problem that affects men over 30 as the testosterone to estrogen increases significantly, and this can contribute to age-related testosterone decline.

Find out more about Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Ingredients here:

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Ingredients

What makes it different?

The thing that seems to make Performance Lab different starts with the ethos of the company, which is easily observable in the way that they carefully select what they put in their products.

You can also see that they have a desire to make sure that when people purchase their products, they know exactly what they are and what they do, from the supplement as a whole, down to the component ingredients.

People want confidence in what they are putting into their bodies, especially when they are handling hormones that are in a delicate balance.

Being able to see the care and attention to detail that has been taken, to not only carry out the tests in the first place, but also then to make the whole process as transparent as possible, is not common and therefore adds a lot of value to the product and to the company as a whole.

There are some unsafe methods on the market of increasing testosterone production, but the stories of how these can affect a person, definitely make safety a significant factor in what supplement you buy.

Performance Sport T-Booster is safe, natural, and legal support for healthy testosterone production, and that is paramount.

This product doesn’t just attack one front – it provides you with a comprehensive supplement that optimizes multiple aspects of overall masculine health and wellness.

Performance Lab is looking to tackle your testosterone production holistically, which doesn’t throw any area that is connected to testosterone production out of whack.

Their KSM-66® Ashwagandha is not only Organic Certified, but it is clinically shown to raise Testosterone.

Plant-based, prebiotic-infused Plantcaps® from pullulan (fermented tapioca) are safe for everyone, no matter what their dietary needs are.

Any side effects?

The side effects of using this particular supplement seem to be rooted purely in improper use. It is not recommended for women, as Performance Lab has other supplements specifically designed to provide women with the levels of various hormones that they require to function healthily.

Levodopa should also have no side effects at the level in which it is presented in this product.

What are its benefits?

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster optimizes testosterone for muscle growth and peak athletic performance.

It does this by creating support throughout the body for testosterone production, in a way that uses the body’s natural processes, in a manner that is designed to put no extra stress on a person’s system.

It promotes ideal androgen levels associated with masculine vigor and virility.

Supports Luteinizing and Follicle-Stimulating Hormones that help regulate T; this is again tackled through working with multiple sites of hormone production in the body.

Not only does this supplement help you healthily produce more testosterone, but it also protects existing testosterone from the diminishing effects of female hormones, stress, and free radicals, which occur in the body.

Not tackling just one aspect of masculine health, but seeking to optimize multiple aspects of overall male health and wellness means that the whole body is taken into account with the design of this product.

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Usage & Dosage

Performance Lab Sport T-Booster Dosage

Performance Lab provides you with excellent reasoning why the dosage that they recommend is one that you should follow.

They have tested each of the ingredients and discovered the optimum amount for each of them, so it makes sense to follow the laid out instructions.

You should take two plant caps per serving size. It is healthy for daily use and is designed for long-term use. It’s suggested that you should take it for four consecutive weeks, then cycle off and do not take it for two weeks and then continue to rotate these cycles.

If you do have any preexisting issues with testosterone production, it would be advisable to seek medical advice before you take T-Booster. This is something you should do as standard with any supplements if you have questions about how it might affect your health.


Safe, natural, and legal support for healthy testosterone production.
100% Natural Plant Caps = Vegetarian + Vegan friendly
Non-GMO & GMP certified
Synthetic Additive Free
Gluten, soy, allergen, caffeine free


Only available on their site
Premium product


Pricing & Buying Info

The pricing, like many of Performance Lab’s other products, is very reasonable and very competitive with other similar products on the market. It will cost you $50/£40 for 60 Capsules, which is enough for one month supply.

Performance Lab also offers 5%-10% discounts for multiple buying, for example, you would get a 5% discount for a purchase of 2 bottles and 10% discount for three or more bottles.

There is also FREE  worldwide shipping on orders over $200, something that is worth bearing in mind if you want to buy their product bundles, e.g., their SPORT pre-workout and SPORT Fat Burner!

Does It Work?

All the research is there to back up the product on the site, and you can also check out the individual ingredients and see that some of them have a long history of being efficacious in testosterone production such as Ashwagandha.

We feel that Performance Lab have an excellent reputation that is well deserved, and their products are carefully sourced and stringently tested to make sure that they do what they are designed to do.

They are very transparent about how things are put together and what you can expect from taking their supplements. If you have any questions, their 24/7 Support on their website is very willing to provide you with information.


Where Are Performance Lab Supplements made?

Performance Lab® supplements are designed and formulated in the United Kingdom and then manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, and GMP-certified facility in New Jersey, the USA, by Opti-Nutra™ Ltd., Advanced Nutraceuticals.

Is Performance Lab available at GNC or other brick and mortar locations?

No. At this time, Performance Lab® supplements are only available at

The Bottom Line

You can see that Performance Lab take a lot of care to educate their customers and their integrity in not wanting to blend their products with the thousands of others out there on the market is very admirable.

It may make it a little more difficult for people to buy what they want because they can’t use the usual channels that they would typically purchase their supplements from. However, the exceptional quality of the products and the excellent quality of the customer service and the care which the company exercises in crafting their products are more than makes up for it.

Performance lab seems very interested in making sure that their supplements are available to as wide a group of people as possible and that they exclude any ingredients that would make people with exclusionary diets unable to benefit from the same technology.

It is in the details. An attitude that deals in transparency in one aspect of a product’s creation are unlikely to obscure something vital in another area.

This kind of thing most definitely builds confidence, and it is observable across the range of Performance Lab’s products. They provide you with beneficial suggestions on what other products would work well in concert with the T-Booster, and this is reflective of the holistic approach in crafting the T-Booster itself.

Healthy, carefully sourced ingredients make sense as the basis of any supplement. The science and the reports which Performance Lab makes available for each element can be understood when you take the product, and you feel the measurable effects on your body.

Something not quite as you expected? Ask Performance Lab at their easily obtainable customer service email, and they will surely be able to give you some advice on how you might further optimize the benefits of the supplement.

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