Best Women’s Fat Burner for 2020

Best Fat Burners for Women

How many of us have tried and failed time and time again to lose weight? We try all the new diets, and fitness routines, and with a little luck, we see the scale shift a bit, but nowhere near our ideal weight.

And as we, women, go through all this trouble to lose weight, our male counterparts seem to drop the pounds just by walking around the block a few times.

This is where we could use the help of our little friends, a fat burner supplement.

Fat burner pills work in different ways to help you get to your ideal weight, and they work best with diet and exercise. But with SO MANY options out there, it’s difficult to decide which fat burner will work best for you.

So, we’ve made it easy for you and selected seven of the best fat burning products on the market. We review each one by looking into the ingredient, the dosage and usage, and pros and cons so you can make a well-informed decision.

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What is a fat burner?

A fat burner is a supplement (pill, powder, or liquid) that works with the natural biology of your body to help it burn fat.

Some fat burners contain multiple different components to help you burn fat in many ways.

Note that in this article, we only discuss fat burner supplements that are available over the counter. Some medications help you lose weight that must be prescribed by a doctor and are normally only available to people with extreme overweight or obesity.

Best fat burners for women currently on the market for 2020

Below we review the seven best fat burners currently on the market for women, including their ingredients, the dosage and usage, and the pros and cons of taking each.

1) Hourglass Fit Fat Burner   

Hourglass Fat Burner

Hourglass fit is a nature-based fat burner designed to help you achieve that “hourglass shape” safely by boosting your metabolism, make you feel full, and fighting your cravings.

Also, it contains some vitamins that are important for women’s health. It is not designed for athletes like other fat burners, but rather for the working or studying woman.

This fat burner is specifically designed for women who, while they may work out, do not spend hours in the gym daily.

The website states that formula, when used for several weeks and months, helps to define your jawline, tone your arms, firm your tummy, cinch your waist and tighten your glutes.

Let’s take a look at what it has to help you get there.

Key Ingredients

Hourglass Fit fat burner contains the following ingredients and doses:

  • Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol – 1000 IU (250% DV): Vitamin D is important for women’s health. It has a role in strengthening your immune system, regulating mood, preventing heart disease, and reducing inflammation related to weight problems.
  • Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate – 4mg (200% DV): Vitamin B6 is an important component for a healthy metabolism, as it helps turn protein, carbs, and fat into energy. It also has an important role in regulating blood glucose, which will help you feel fuller longer and fight sugar cravings. When you’re losing weight, it also helps to preserve muscle, so the weight you lose is fat.
  • Vitamin B12 as Adenosylcobalamin – 10 mcg (167%): Vitamin B12 is the B vitamin in which we most commonly lack, especially if we eat vegan or mostly plant-based diets. Lie vitamin B6; it has an important role in our metabolism. It also has an important role in maintaining a good mood, which is important for having good self-esteem.
  • Chromium as Picolinate – 125 mcg (125% DV): Chromium is a mineral that helps to regulate blood sugar level, which helps to fight cravings and reduce food intake, and may help to fight fat storage.
  • Glucomannan – 1500 mg: Glucomannan is a type of dietary fiber that can help fight cravings and reduce caloric intake and fat absorption.
  • Green Tea Extract (standardized to 95% polyphenol, 45% EGCG) – 500 mg: Green tea and its EGCG content, together with its caffeine content, may help increase thermogenesis (calorie burning at rest) and fat breakdown.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax®) (standardized to 2% capsaicinoids) – 100 mg: The chemicals in cayenne powder, increase your metabolic rate to boost the energy you use throughout the day, while also helping to regulate insulin levels.
  • Guarana seed – 100 mg: The seed from this Amazonian fruit is popular in energy drinks because it naturally contains four times the caffeine content of coffee. But don’t worry, the amount in the Hourglass fit is minimum and only enough to give you a small boost. What makes guarana special is its ability to stop the body from storing fat.
  • Black pepper extract (as BioPerine®) – 5 mg: Black pepper extract in the patented form of BioPerine helps to make the other ingredients in Hourglass Fit more easily to absorb in the body. It also has a role in stopping the body from making more adipose tissue (fat).

Usage & Dosage

One serving size is three capsules, and you can decide whether you want to take them all at once or one each throughout the day.

Gluten free, cruelty free, no GMOs, and no preservatives.
Designed for regular women, not athletes.
No green coffee bean extract or caffeine anhydrous to avoid feelings of jitteriness.
Tempers appetite
No proprietary blend
Reputable brand
A 90-day money-back guarantee

If you want caffeine, you’ll have to add it in as a stack.
Can only be purchased directly on their website
Premium price product

Our verdict

Hourglass fit is a great fat burner option for women who are busy and a little run down. It helps fight fat two key ways: it prevents fat from forming, and it helps keep you feeling full, so you aren’t looking for something to eat in the middle of the night.

Read our detailed Hourglass Fit review to learn more about this product!


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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

2) Leanbean Female Fat Burner 

Leanbean Female Fat Burner

Leanbean is a fat burning supplement designed especially for women who exercise but are unable to reach their ideal weight.

Even if you only do moderate exercise regularly, Leanbean can also be of help to boost weight loss. It is designed to help you lose fat while maintaining muscle and boosting your energy so you can do better in the gym and with your everyday activities.

The Leanbean formula is based on the fact that research shows that women tend to crave more food (and indulge in those cravings) than men. The secret to Leanbean is Glucomannan, a natural source of soluble fiber that forms a gel in your stomach and suppresses your appetite.

Additionally, it is low in stimulants and includes a range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to maintain a healthy metabolism, contribute to normal digestion to fight bloating, promote healthy blood glucose concentrations and boost energy.

Key Ingredients

The Leanbean formula contains several ingredients that help to promote fat loss by helping you fight your cravings and promoting a healthy metabolism.

  • Glucomannan (Konjac Fiber) – 3000 mg: Glucomannan can expand up to 50 times in your stomach, allowing less space for food, thus reducing calorie intake.
  • Choline – 82.5mg: Choline is an important nutrient that forms an essential part of numerous processes in the body, including fat transport and metabolism and the reduction of cholesterol.
  • Chromium picolinate – 35 mcg (100%): this trace mineral is essential to maintaining normal blood glucose levels, thus stabilizing energy levels and fighting cravings.
  • Vitamins B6 (1.7mg, 100% DV) and B12 (2.4mcg, 100% DV): B Vitamins are important for a healthy metabolism, and they help to ensure you have healthy energy levels and optimal physical performance.
  • Chloride and potassium: Electrolytes that help to keep you hydrated. Chloride helps to contribute to normal digestion
  • Zinc – 11 mg (100% DV): Zinc is an important mineral to promote a healthy immune system and fight inflammation – two important elements when it comes to making the most of your workouts.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (50% Hydroxy Citric Acid) – 100mg: This fruit is naturally high in Hydroxycitric acid, which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acid) – 50 mg: Green coffee beans are higher in antioxidants than roasted coffee beans, and the antioxidant worth mentioning is the chlorogenic acid. Studies show that it helps to reduce blood pressure and overall body composition. It also contains a small amount of caffeine to give you a boost of energy without making you jittery.
  • Acaí Berry Extract 10:1 – 20 mg: This berry is packed with antioxidants that will help to keep your cells healthy after exercise.
  • BioPerine – 5 mg Black pepper extract (BioPerine) contributes to the effective absorption of ingredients into the body. It may also keep the body from making new fat.
  • Turmeric – 50 mg: A great female-friendly alternative to caffeine anhydrous, turmeric is thermogenic (increases metabolic rate and energy use). It also contains curcumin, an antioxidant with a range of health benefits.

Usage & Dosage

One daily serving of Leanbean is six capsules that contain almost 4 grams of active ingredients that you can take throughout the day for 24 hours of fat-burning power.

All natural ingredients, so nothing harmful
Excludes common fat burning ingredients that tend to harm women
Boosts metabolism
Tempers appetite
Increases energy levels
No proprietary blend
A 90-day money-back guarantee

Six capsules per day is a lot
Can only be purchased directly on their website
Premium price product

Our verdict

Leanbean is an excellent fat burner supplement option for women who have had poor experiences with fat burners in the past, and who struggle with cravings.

It gives you an energy boost for your next workout and antioxidants to help clean up free radicals formed during your last workout.

Read our in-depth Leanbean review to learn more about this product!


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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

3) Powher Fat Burner 

Powher Fat Burner Review

Powher is a fat burner specifically designed for women. It claims ideal dosing for women for the best fat-burning potential.

It helps you shed fat in multiple ways. It helps to curb your appetite, promote healthy glucose levels, support fat breakdown, and boosts energy use with caffeine.

Rather than including filler ingredients like a lot of the competing products do, it contains only ingredients with research that backs their fat-fighting power.

Key Ingredients

  • Magnesium – 100mg (24% DV): Magnesium is essential to maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance, protein synthesis, and boosting energy.
  • Selenium – 164mg (100% DV)
  • Chromium Picolinate – 120mg (343%): Important for healthy metabolism and normal blood glucose levels. Healthy blood glucose is vital because alterations are associated with obesity and overweight.
  • Iron – 18mg (100% DV): Women are susceptible to iron deficiency, which is why it is in this formula. It transports oxygen around the body, making it an essential mineral for maintaining your energy and health.
  • Glucomannan 95% – 3000mg: Helps you to lower your body weight by increasing the satiety, promotes healthy digestion, and reduces the amount of fat absorbed during the digestive process.
  • Choline – 90mg: Choline is an essential part of numerous processes in the body, including the transport of fat and the breakdown and metabolism and fat and cholesterol.
  • Natural Caffeine – 100 mg: The benefits of caffeine for fat loss are well documented. Caffeine has the potential to energy and focus; it can reduce muscle pain, boost energy, and improve insulin sensitivity.

Usage & Dosage

The product website indicates that you should take two capsules with every meal to complete the six capsules in each daily serving.

Sustained energy and focus throughout the day
Only a small dose of caffeine to avoid crashes and side effects
More pills per bottle
No filler ingredients
A 90-days money-back guarantee
No proprietary blend

Can only be purchased through their website
No vitamins for those who need them
Premium price product

Our verdict

Powher fat burner contains several research-backed ingredients that will help you lose fat and have sustained energy for your workouts.

It doesn’t contain filler ingredients like many other supplements, and the absence of a proprietary blend makes sure you know what you are putting into your body.

Read more our in-depth Powher fat burner review to learn more about this product.

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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

4) Instant Knockout 

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

Instant Knockout is for you hardcore athletes out there. It is a fat burner designed initially for professional boxers and MMA fighters to help them achieve their target weight without affecting muscle that has been made available to the general public.

While it is not made specifically for women, it has the right ingredients to help women athletes finally get rid of their most stubborn fat.

Key Ingredients

Each serving of Instant Knockout contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B6 – 5mg (250% DV): a key vitamin for the metabolizing of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. This is important for building muscle and breaking down fat (fat oxidation).
  • Vitamin B12 – 10mcg (166% DV): Your body needs vitamin B12 for breaking down fat and making energy available to your cells.
  • Zinc – 10mg (150% DV): Supplementing with zinc helps to improve glucose metabolism and helps to lower LDL “bad” cholesterol.
  • GTC Chromium (as picolinate) – 100 mcg (82% DV): Contains chromodulin, which helps to break down carbohydrates and fat and make them available for energy. It also helps to promote satiety, a sense of fullness.
  • Green Tea Extract – 500mcg: Contains catechins, which help to boost fat loss by inhibiting your body from storing fat, decreasing fat absorption, and increasing thermogenesis, energy expenditure.
  • Cayenne Powder – 100mg: The chemicals in cayenne powder, capsaicin, and capsiate increase the amount of energy you naturally burn throughout the day while also normalizing insulin sensitivity.
  • Glucomannan (konjac root) – 1800mg: Helps to decrease body weight by increasing the feeling of fullness, promotes digestion, and reduces the amount of fat absorbed in the intestine.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg: Caffeine increases energy and focus during exercise, reduces muscle pain, increases energy, and improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Black Pepper Extract – 10mg: contains piperine, which interacts with receptors in the body that increase fat burning, and also keeps your body from storing fat.
  • Green Coffee Extract – 100mg: chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract helps to limit the absorption of glucose, which means your body turns to fat stores for energy. The result is fat-burning power and fat loss.

Usage & Dosage

A day’s serving of Instant Knockout is contained in 4 capsules, which you can take throughout the day when you wake you wake up and before meals, too.

Contains ten research-backed fat burning components in each pill
All-natural extracts backed by research
High-potency dosages
Contains appetite-suppressing ingredients
Increases energy levels
No proprietary blend
Reputable brand

High caffeine content may be a problem for some
Can only be purchased directly on their website
Premium price product

Our verdict

Instant Knockout is one of the top fat-fighting supplements for athletes on the market. It contains ten fat-fighting components that help you to lose while protecting muscle and boosting your energy to work out. While it is not explicitly designed for women, they, too, can take advantage of the potent ingredients to lose weight.

Read our comprehensive Instant Knockout fat burner review to learn more about this product.


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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

5) Phen24 


Phen24 is unique in that it contains two fat burners – one for the daytime and one for the nighttime – to help support your fat loss journey twenty-four hours a day.

The formulators of Phen24 know that your metabolism, behavior, and needs change during the day and at night, and to provide complete fat loss solutions, the formulas for each time of day should be different.

The daytime fat burner boosts your metabolism and energy. The nighttime pill won’t increase your energy but will boost your metabolism, and it will help fight nighttime cravings.

Key Ingredients


  • Caffeine – 150 mg: Caffeine can improve energy and focus; it can reduce muscle pain caused by exercise; it can boost energy, and have a positive effect on insulin sensitivity.
  • Guarana Extract – 100 mg: This fruit has one of the highest concentrations of the caffeine of all plants. When combined with exercise, it may help to boost fat loss.
  • Cayenne Powder – 20 mg: This spicy additive increases thermogenesis, allowing your body to burn more calories while at rest.
  • Phenylalanine – 70 mg: This is an amino acid that can help to suppress appetite by stimulating your body to excrete cholecystokinin, which tells your brain that you are full.
  • Iodine – 150 mcg (100% NRV): Taking iodine can support thyroid health, which is vital for boosting your metabolism.
  • Manganese – 2 mg: This mineral helps to regulate blood sugar and maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • Zinc Citrate – 15 mg (150% NRV): This mineral helps to improve glucose metabolism and to lower LDL “bad” cholesterol.
  • Copper Sulphate – 1 mg (100% NRV): Helps your body produce the energy you need to fuel exercise that supports weight loss.


  • Glucomannan – 1000 mg: Contributes to lowering your body weight by making you feel fuller, promotes regular digestion, and blocks fat absorption.
  • Chromium Picolinate – 120 mcg (300% NRV): Important element in metabolic processes and blood glucose health. Glucose alterations are associated with obesity and overweight.
  • Biotin – 120 mcg (40% NRV): Biotin is an enzyme cofactor that helps to break down fats and carbs and helps to prevent fat storage.
  • Choline Bitartrate – 40 mg: Choline, some of which we must get from diet and supplements, is involved in many processes in the body, including the transport of fat and the breakdown and metabolism and fat and cholesterol.
  • Molybdenum (Sodium Molybdate) – 100 mcg (200 NRV): Molybdenum is a component involved in the process that turns broken-down macronutrients into energy for exercise and bodily functions.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1): 4 mg (364% NRV): Like other B vitamins, thiamin helps to metabolize fats and carbohydrates to make energy available to your cells.
  • Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) – 5 mg (357% NRV): A component essential to the process of metabolizing protein, carbohydrates, and fats. These processes are essential for your body to build muscle and break down fat (fat oxidation).
  • Green Tea Extract – 40 mcg: Contains antioxidants called catechins, which help to boost fat loss by not allowing your body to store fat. It also contributes to decreasing fat absorption and increasing thermogenesis, which is how your body generates heat, resulting in additional energy expenditure.
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – 80 mg (100% NRV): Vitamin C aids in protein metabolism while also helping to keep inflammation at bay. It also plays an essential role in breaking down fat during exercise.
  • Vitamin B5 – 10 mg (167% NRV): Like other B vitamins, it helps to metabolize food to make it available for energy.
  • Griffonia Extract – 52 mg: Griffonia extract can be used to create 5-HTP, which can promote relaxation and sleep. This component is one of two components that makes the Phen24 night fat burner great for taking at night; not only will you be burning fat while you sleep, you will also be sleeping better!
  • Hops Extract – 25 mg: Hops extract also helps to promote sleep while also supporting your weight loss. Research shows that regular supplementation of hops extract reduces abdominal body fat.

Usage & Dosage

Phen24’s system requires you to take two of the day pills during the day, and 2 of the night pills at nighttime.

As you can see from the list above, neither of the pills have any of the same ingredients, so you are getting two completely different combinations of ingredients to help you burn fat all day long.

One of the complete combinations of ingredients.
Unique two-formula system
Promotes healthy sleep while it burns fat
The differentiated formula for daytime and nighttime
Designed to work together with exercise and diet plans for long term effectiveness.

A mixture of multiple ingredients could cause sensitivities and side effects in some people.
Some may find the day/night usage slightly inconvenience
Premium price product

Our verdict

Phen24 is no doubt one of the complete fat burners on the market. With 20 research-backed active ingredients between the two supplements, it will very likely help you burn fat while also boosting your energy and helping you sleep better.

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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

6) Transparent Labs Stim-Free Fat Burner 

Transparent Labs Fat Burner

Transparent Labs Stim-Free Fat Burner is one of the few stimulant-free fat burners on the market. Some people experience side effects with supplements that contain caffeine and other stimulants, which are meant to boost energy levels and a metabolism boost simultaneously.

This fat burner helps you achieve higher energy levels and metabolism without stimulants.

Instead of stimulants, Transparent Labs Stim-Free Fat Burner contains carnitine and cayenne pepper to achieve the same results, in addition to five other ingredients that will help promote an optimally working metabolism and control your cravings.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamin B12 – 2.4 mcg (40%): Vitamin B12 is important for macronutrient metabolism, including processes that break down fat and make energy available to your cells.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – 750 mg: Carnitine can increase the rate at which your body burns fat to use as energy.
  • Forskolin (as 10% Forslean®) – 250 mg: Research shows it can lower fat mass while increasing bone mass.
  • 5-HTP – 150 mg: Helps to control appetite, thus reducing calorie consumption and controlling cravings.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – 100 mg: This component, known as an adaptogen, helps your body deal with stress and also helps to reduce body fat, especially around the organs.
  • Cayenne Pepper – 50 mg: Cayenne pepper has chemicals that increase the amount of energy you burn throughout the day, and also promote healthy insulin levels.
  • Fucoxanthin – 10 mg: Research shows that this component derived from seaweed helps to combat obesity, especially in the abdominal area.

Usage & Dosage

Even though the supplement facts state that a serving size is two capsules, the directions indicate that you should eventually take two capsules twice a day.

However, the website recommends that you work up to that dosage, starting with one capsule twice a day, and never exceed four capsules in 24 hours.

No artificial sweeteners, coloring, or preservatives
Gluten-free and non-GMO
100% Transparent formula
Six science-backed ingredients make it easier to avoid side effects and interactions
Stimulant-free, so no jitters or related side effects
Contains ingredients other fat burners leave out
Reputable brand

Serving size can be confusing
Can only be purchased directly on their website

Our verdict

Transparent Labs Stim-Free Fat Burner is a no-muss, no-fuss fat burner. It contains six solid ingredients that are supported by research to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Shop Transparent Labs Stim-Free Fat Burner Now

*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

7) Performance Lab Fat Burner

Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner Review

This fat burner is designed to work together with diet exercise to boost fat loss more than exercise alone. The formulation of Performance Lab Fat Burner is designed to optimize muscle growth and fat loss simultaneously in multiple ways at once.

Performance Lab Fat Burner stimulates fat-splitting enzymes and fat-burning hormones, increases calorie burning during exercise, optimizes fat-burning and muscle-growth hormones, helps regulate at storage, blood sugar, and appetite, and it preserves lean muscle mass during training.

Key Ingredients

Performance Lab Fat Burner contains only four research-backed active ingredients.

  • Forskolin (as Forslean®)– 250 mg: Forskolin has the potential to reduce fat mass while increasing bone mass.
  • HMB (B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate) – 1000 mg: HMB improves aerobic performance, fat loss, and energy performance while preserving muscle.
  • Cayenne pepper extract (as Capsimax®) – 50 mg: Cayenne pepper can increase thermogenesis, which helps you increase the amount of energy you burn throughout the day and also promotes healthy insulin levels.
  • Black pepper extract (as Bioperine®) – 2.5 mg: has piperine, which increases fat burning, and also helps prevent your body from storing fat.

Usage & Dosage

The recommended serving is two capsules, but the website indicates that you can take up to 4 capsules before training. This will help boost the fat-burning power of your exercise and protect your muscles from wasting.

Contains advanced and patented forms of nutrients
Infused with prebiotics to promote healthy gut microbiome
Sparks stimulant-free thermogenesis to minimize jitters and side-effects caused by stimulants
Promotes a healthy lifestyle; it is designed to encourage weight loss together with a healthy diet and exercise
Vegan-friendly, non-GO, GMP certified, synthetic additive and allergen-free

Best results are seen when fasting
Free of caffeine for those that require the extra boost
Leaving out some key fat-burning ingredients

Our verdict

While Performance Lab Fat Burner is not specifically designed for women, it has an effective, stimulant-free formula that will support anyone who exercises and watches their diet but wants to boost the fat-burning power of their workouts.

This fat burner only has four ingredients, all of which serve a specific purpose in the formulation that aims to reduce your body’s fat percentage and preserve muscle while you work out.

Read our comprehensive Performance Lab Sport fat burner review to learn more.


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*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

How we picked the best fat burners for women

(mention the criteria used to select these products: Ingredients and their efficacy, caffeine content, brand reputation, value, practicality)

How do you know that we are genuinely telling you about the best fat burners on the market?

Rest assured, these fat burners weren’t chosen randomly. We carefully combed through hundreds of fat burner pills and chose them based on their:

  • Ingredients – all contain research to support their efficacy and safety
  • Caffeine content – robust, but it doesn’t go overboard to as to promote addictions, with some caffeine-free options
  • Brand reputation – trusted brands have experience and a responsibility to their clients and reputation to provide high-quality products that work
  • Value – There is no need to choose an expensive fat burner if there is another one with practically the same quality and ingredients that will work just as well. We make sure that all these fat burners are giving to the best bang for your buck.
  • Practicality – We want to make sure it is easy to take these supplements and that they can fit in well with your daily routine. A supplement that would require you to prepare it in an elaborate shake would not be practical.

How do fat burners work?

There are several different types of fat burners that work in different ways. Some of the different ways that they work are by:

  • Blocking the absorption of fats
  • Increasing fat metabolism (breakdown) for use as energy
  • Preventing the formation of fat in the body
  • Increasing your body’s thermogenesis (how your body turns energy into heat) to burn more energy
  • Reducing your appetite
  • Making you feel fuller
  • Increasing your energy

As you may have noticed in the ingredients of the fat burners highlighted above, some fat burners work in many ways at once.

A fat burner that uses one mechanism is not necessarily less effective than a fat burner that incorporates ingredients with multiple mechanisms of burning fat.

The right fat burner for you depends on your goals, lifestyle, and natural state, among others.

Why do women need a fat burner?

A look into women’s biology shows that women naturally have a harder time losing weight than men.

Women have a slower metabolic rate than men, meaning we burn fewer calories while doing nothing than men do.

Additionally, if you are a mom, you know firsthand that it is much harder to find the time to exercise and eat appropriately after having kids, not to mention that we tend to gain body fat during pregnancy.

As we age, we also gain weight (especially in the abdominal area) and have a slower metabolism due to changes in hormones. Finally, certain common conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome make weight loss more difficult.

Fat burners can be the boost that women need to rev up their metabolism or provide the body with only what it needs to lose weight.

Note that fat burners may not be for everyone. It would be best if you always speak to your doctor before taking on a supplement and/or weight loss regimen to make sure it is safe for you and any particular conditions you may have.

What are the benefits of a fat burner for women?

Some of the benefits of fat burners for women include:

  • They can boost your metabolism: Some ingredients found in fat burners, like caffeine, may increase your metabolic rate, meaning that your body will use more energy throughout the day without necessarily making changes to your lifestyle.
  • They can increase the rate of fat burning: Ingredients like carnitine can increase the rate at which your body burns fat to use as energy.
  • They can control your appetite: If you feel like you are hungry all the time, fat burners that contain soluble fiber can help to control your cravings and prevent overeating. When your appetite is regulated, you reduce the calories from carbs and fats that you consume, which can contribute to weight loss over time.
  • They can prevent fat formation: Some ingredients, like turmeric, can help to avoid fat accumulation while also increasing muscle mass.
  • They can increase hormone-burning chemicals in the body: One way to boost fat loss is to increase hormones and chemicals in the body that tell our cells to burn fat. Yohimbine is one ingredient that has the power to do this.
  • They can increase lean mass: As you lose fat mass, you increase the proportion of lean muscle mass in the body. This will increase your metabolism to retain a state that favors fat loss over time.
  • They will help you look and feel better about yourself! As you achieve your ideal body weight and feel happier with how you feel and see yourself in the mirror, you will gain confidence, even more so when you notice how others notice your change.

Common fat-burning ingredients

Below we describe several of the most common researched-backed fat burning ingredients.


Do fat burners really work?

Yes. Fat burners (especially the ones in this list) contain research-backed ingredients that help you shed fat.

It isn’t magic – they work with your metabolism, block the absorption of fats, and help “program” your body to burn fat to help to shed pounds of fat while preserving muscle.

Are fat burners safe?

Fat burners are safe for most people that are generally in good health. Most fat burners have few to no side effects. Since they are supplements and not medicine, they can be taken without a prescription, and for most people, side effects (if any) tend to be mild.

What’s the best stimulant-free fat burner for women?

Some people prefer fat burners without stimulants like caffeine due to sensitivity or combination with other supplements. Based on our criteria stated above, the best stimulant-free fat burner for women is Transparent Labs Stim-Free Fat Burner.

When should I take a fat burner?

In general, fat burners with stimulants like caffeine are recommended first thing in the morning before you start your day to get your metabolism going.

If the fat burner contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) or ALCAR (Acetyl Carnitine), it is recommended to take it before your daily workout. You can take nighttime fat burners 1 hour to 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Note that these are general recommendations, and different fat burners may state when to take them for maximum effectiveness.

What is a natural fat burner?

A natural fat burner is one that contains only naturally-derived ingredients from herbs, botanicals, algae, fruits, and vegetables. Some examples include green tea extract, forskolin, green coffee beans, yohimbine, and others.

The Final Word

There are hundreds of fat burners for women on the market, but there are few that are cost-effective, have research-backed ingredients, have brand value, and are designed specifically for women or are compatible with women’s metabolism.

Rather than sifting through hundreds of reviews and websites, we have provided you a pre-selected list of the best fat burners for women available in 2020.

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